Reusable packaging

Goods and products of any kind must be packed, so as to be easily handled or transported, and during their preservation in the warehouse. In the absence of packaging, manufacturing and distribution companies would have huge losses and there will be a permanent chaos in logistics and inventory processes.

We provide our customers with a wide range of products, for general purpose or developed specifically for a particular industrial field. From the bulky containers to the smallest crates, Eurobox Logistics can provide all kinds of standard packaging dimensions.

The advantages of these packaging:

  • They are compatible with most commonly used assembly lines and conveyors;
  • They can be easily handled both by the employees and the specific equipment;
  • They have an ergonomic design;
  • They are stackable or foldable to achieve storage space savings;
  • They ensure an optimal protection of the packed products, including the difficult transport conditions;
  • They are strong but at the same time light, helping you to save the transport costs.

We invite you to discover on our website all the categories of standard returnable packaging provided by Eurobox Logistics.

  • Stackable boxes

    Stackable boxes

    Stackable boxes are found in all fields of industry as packaging for parts, raw materials, finished products and components of all kinds. They are preferred by companies because they are durable and easy to maintain.

  • VDA KLT stackable plastic containers

    VDA KLT stackable plastic containers

    With a resistant structure, yet light weight, the containers VDA KLT type is the standard in the German automotive industry for handling automotive parts and components within the assembly facilities. These boxes are also preferred by the companies with a high degree of automation of the packaging, handling and cargo loading/unloading processes.

  • Galia plastic boxes

    Galia plastic boxes

    Galia boxes are manufactured under Odette standard certification to meet the automatic handling requirements of the automotive industry in France. They have a sturdy construction and compact dimensions, giving an efficient ratio between the products packaged and the occupied space.

  • Stack-nest plastic containers

    Stack-nest plastic containers

    Stack-nest boxes help you save the storage space, due to the design that allows keeping them in compact stack when they are not in use.

  • Foldable and collapsible crates

    Foldable and collapsible crates

    Foldable and collapsible crates are recommended to the customers who want to optimize packaging storage space to a maximum, when they are not in use.

  • Silafix storage box

    Silafix storage box

    Keeping the small parts in an orderly manner is a challenge for any company. Either it is about screws, nuts or complex components for the automotive industry and precision mechanics, all these products need boxes that allow the operators to easily identify them and pick them.

  • Electrically conductive packaging

    Electrically conductive packaging

  • Electrically conductive systems (ESD)

    Electrically conductive systems (ESD)

    The electronic industry provides parts and components of critical importance for most appliances, tools and equipment that we use every day. These parts control the good operation of the television sets, mobile phones, cars and industrial equipment performing complex operations.

  • Handle boxes

    Handle boxes

    Handle boxes are ideal for storing and transporting tools and instruments, being an important accessory for any craftsman. They are fitted with locks and ergonomic handles to be easily transported and to provide optimum protection to the content.

  • Isothermal boxes and containers

    Isothermal boxes and containers

    The transport of products to be maintained at a constant temperature is a challenge for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Chemical compounds and medical products are sensitive substances that can lose their properties when the temperature variates.

  • Pallets


    In the past, the pallets were manufactured only from wood, they had a relatively high weight and a reduced service life. As wood becomes dirty and is easily damaged by cracking or liquid soaking, the companies were forced to permanently invest significant sums in the purchase of pallets, products that almost never redeem their costs.

  • Pallet lids

    Pallet lids

    Products stored on pallets cannot be shipped as such because there is always a risk of overturning or damage because of weather conditions. Therefore, above all stacks of products placed on a pallet it is recommended to set a pallet lid.

  • Dollies


    The dollies are the most simple and efficient products moving equipment in many industrial fields: manufacturing, processing and shipment of goods, automotive, electronics, retail or food industry.

  • Foldable pallet boxes

    Foldable pallet boxes

    You can turn a bulky pallet box into one that occupies reduced storage space in just three steps: release the fastening system, lower the vertical walls and fold them one over the other.

  • Rigid pallet boxes

    Rigid pallet boxes

    Safety, hygiene and prolonged use are the main characteristics of the rigid pallet boxes. They are the choice of the manufacturing companies, but also of those with cargo warehouses as they offer a compact volume and high loading capacity.

  • Foldable pallet boxes with stacking frames

    Foldable pallet boxes with stacking frames

    By means of stacking frames, you can create pallet boxes of how high you need. Pallet boxes with stacking frames offer this benefit due to the type of construction: on a standard pallet base are added the foldable frames one over the other.

  • Foldable large containers (FLC) Collibox

    Foldable large containers (FLC) Collibox

    The foldable large container Collibox is assembled when needed and consists of pallet, walls and lid. It weighs less than a stackable pallet box and occupies less space at folding.

  • Metallic containers

    Metallic containers

    Metallic containers are the ideal choice for the companies that need reliable and durable packaging for heavy or bulky loads. These may include car components, manufactory products or other wholesale goods.

  • UN certified packaging for dangerous goods

    UN certified packaging for dangerous goods

    Dangerous goods are including materials and products that are or can become explosive, flammable and radioactive under certain circumstances. These can put at risk beings, buildings, goods, transport means and the environment.

  • Label holders

    Label holders

    Labelling is the easiest and the most effective way to quickly identify a product and to keep a clear evidence of the inventory. To prevent their damage, the labels must be placed on or in the holders, which prevent their fading, discoloration or breaking.

  • Reusable packaging rental

    Reusable packaging rental

    Investing in new plastic packages can be a significant financial effort, especially when the use is intended for short periods. Our logistic packaging rental services allow companies to keep their resources for other important investments and to optimize their work processes.