The dollies are the most simple and efficient products moving equipment in many industrial fields: manufacturing, processing and shipment of goods, automotive, electronics, retail or food industry.

By placing the crates and boxes of goods on dollies, these are easy to move within production facilities, either manually or attached to motorized equipment.

Dollies offered by Logistic Eurobox are made of plastic or metal, they have different loading capacities and can be equipped with wear resistant wheels or which produce a low noise level and leave no traces on the floor (non-marking type).

We can also offer special dollies for the electronics industry, made of electrically conductive materials, or dollies to transport specific shaped products (cylindrical objects, cable drum, tanks, etc.).

The main benefits the dollies bring for logistics activities are:

  • The costs of product handling are reduced;
  • The packaging rotation time is decreased;
  • The use of space is optimized;
  • The stocks are reduced;
  • The productivity increases.

We are available with any information regarding our range of dollies for goods transport.

    Plastic dollies for pallets

    Plastic dollies

    Lightweight and easy to handle, the plastic dollies are a must accessory in any company where the reception, sorting and shipping of the goods are basic activities.

    The dollies are fitted with caster wheels, one of which may be provided with brake to control the movement of the product stack. The caster wheels are made of rubber (for indoor use) or of other materials for heavy use outdoors.

    The plastic dollies facilitate the fast movement of goods and create a work environment more productive and dynamic, with a rapidly rotation of the reusable packaging and with an optimization of the available storage space.

    ArticleBase (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)Caster diameter (mm)Loading capacity (kg)
    Plastic Dolly 80-270-080-270-0380 x 2801352,875100View product
    Plastic Dolly 80-151-080-151-0582 x 3821353,675150View product
    Plastic Dolly 80-156-080-156-0586 x 3861353,275150View product
    Plastic Dolly 80-55-2680-55-26600 x 4001754,8100400View product
    Plastic Dolly 80-50-20.180-50-20.1615 x 4151652,9100120View product
    Plastic Dolly 80-184-185-R80-184-185-R800 x 6002007,8125500View product
    Plastic Dolly 80-200-10580-200-105815 x 6701838,1100300View product
    Plastic Dolly 80-954-8580-954-851200 x 80020016125500View product
    Metallic dollies

    Metallic dollies

    Metallic dollies were created to serve to companies that handle heavy products quickly and efficiently. They have a solid framework of metallic tubular pipes or sheets and can be equipped with an accessory for towing, facilitating their movement. They are available in variants of 400×300 mm, 400×400 mm, 600×400 mm, 800×600 mm and 1200×800 mm.


    • Helps you to optimize the storing space;
    • Significantly decrease the goods loading/unloading time;
    • Helps you to improve the supplying flow.
    ArticleBase (mm)Weight (kg)Caster diameter (mm)Loading capacity (kg)Height (mm)
    Metallic Dolly Scissors type 80-17380-173variable2,55080N.A.View product
    Metallic Dolly 80-171-080-171-0580 x 3804,675150120View product
    Metallic Dolly 80-111-180-111-1580 x 3807,775150880View product
    Metallic Dolly 80-175-180-175-1610 x 41012,475150500View product
    Metallic Dolly 80-172-480-172-4733 x 49813,4125300185View product
    Metallic Dolly 80-91280-912814 x 62112,7125300185View product


    Trolleys are easy to handle in any environment and optimize the movement of goods. They are equipped with ergonomic handles, solid base and wheels adapted to each type of cargo. Can be provided with shelves or different other accessories.

    Trolleys are easy to load and unload equipment and provide excellent manoeuvrability even for bulkier products. Foldable version, helps you save the storage space offering the same safety and efficient use.

    We invite you to choose the desired variant from the trolley models listed below for transport and picking or please contact us for information and support.

    ArticleBase (mm)Weight (kg)Caster diameter (mm)Height (mm)
    Barrel Trolley TR 01TR 01610775N.A.View product
    Euro container Trolley TR 02TR 02665 x 520331001125View product
    Tyres Trolley TR 03TR 03745 x 76023,52601300 - 1900View product
    Foldable Trolley TR 04TR 04820x46517100940View product
    Accessory trolley TR 05TR 05825 x 455291251150View product
    2 platforms Trolley TR 06TR 06910 x 50035100975View product
    3 platforms Trolley TR 07TR 07910 x 50046,51001495View product
    Trolley TR 08TR 08975 x 50024,5100955View product
    Heavy loads trolley TR 09TR 091130 x 700411001000View product
    Trolley TR 10TR 101500 x 68048,52001230View product
    Distribution dollies

    Distribution dollies

    Distribution dollies are used in warehouses and supermarkets to move quickly different products, grouped by category on modular shelves available.

    They can be designed with both long sides open to facilitate loading/unloading and with wheels made of non-marking type materials. The third or fourth side is mounted on demand. Load securing can be performed with a lid of the same material and some closing systems.

    Distribution dollies can be tailored to your company’s needs by using removable shelves, stacked in various configurations. They can also be manually handled or attached to a towing equipment to form a tugged train type system.

    ArticleBase (mm)Height (mm)Loading capacity (kg)
    Distribution Dolly 80-00280-002815 x 6701683300View product
    Hydraulic dollies for boxes

    Hydraulic dollies for boxes

    The hydraulic dollies are recommended for lifting and handling of box stacks directly from the floor. They are a faster and safer option for handling large amounts of products compared to manual labour.

    The main benefits of hydraulic dollies are:

    • Width adjustment, being adaptable to several box dimensions;
    • Ease of use, including for heavy loads up to 200 kg;
    • Operational safety for both the operator and the transported cargo;
    • High handling speed.
    ArticleBase (mm)Weight (kg)
    Hydraulic Dolly CH 01CH 01880 x 510 x 97022,2View product