Ambalaje reutilizabile

Reusable packaging

Goods and products of any kind must be packed, so as to be easily handled or transported, and during their preservation in the warehouse. In the absence of packaging, manufacturing and distribution companies would have huge losses and there will be a permanent chaos in logistics and inventory processes.
Ambalaje customizate

Customised packaging

Certain products show characteristics, dimensions and restrictions on storage and transport. For these, the packaging of the standard range can be an inappropriate choice because either they do not provide additional protection required or do not fit the shapes and dimensions of these products.
Ambalaje industriale din carton

Cardboard packaging

We create innovative carton board packaging solutions that help our customers to protect their goods and reduce their overall costs. We constantly invest in new technologies to optimize the stacking strength and the stability of our products, as well as to reduce their weight.
Sisteme pentru fixarea si protecția incarcaturii

Protective packaging

The goods transport should carry out in the best conditions, whether it is by road, air or sea. The turbulence encountered by planes or ships or trucks traveling on rough roads may cause cargo shelves movement, tilting or even overturning. Sometimes, even the most performant returnable, stackable packaging cannot face some difficult transport conditions and the immediate visible result is dispatched product damaging.


In Japanese, the term "kanban" means "only one label" and the management system of the same name was firstly implemented in production by the automotive manufacturer Toyota. To ease and streamline the operating flow of the assembly lines, each container or box of parts contained exactly the required number of components that a worker needed, to perform a predetermined number of operations.


Vehicles and special equipment for moving and handling of goods are extremely useful in workspaces with large areas. By their means, the materials and products that employees need can be brought easily and organized to the place they will be used.
Echipamente logistice

Organization and protection equipment

Logistics activities of the companies in most industries have to be more efficient, fast and safe to favour high productivity and, therefore, profitability. For this reason, employees' manual labour must be eliminated at a higher rate and replaced with reliable automated equipment.

Our mission

our mission eurobox

Our strong point is the variety of the product portfolio comprising both standard or customized packages and the most advanced machinery, equipment and technologies. Thus we can offer to our customers any solution for improving the logistic flow.

our mission eurobox

The principle on which we rely is that any project, no matter how difficult it may seem, has a solution. Therefore, we are working all the time to have a well-established technical basis to help us in finding the necessary solutions to solve special projects.

our mission eurobox

It is said that if you exist, you must evolve. This is also the motto by which we like to work so that we invest hundreds of research hours each year to know the latest trends in the field and to be able to offer to our customers solutions according to their needs.

Corrugated box duraflex solution

Foam packaging

The vast range of the existing technical foams can easily tangle even the more experienced engineers and aquisitions experts. A deep knowledge of the foam materials market and the long experience in defining our clients packaging needs allow us to flexibly choose the right solution for each dedicated project. Our customised foam packaging is based on a thorough analysis of each application, detailed testing of dozens of materials and technological procedures and well as on a complex design process.

We allways require complete information over the product protection needs, on the existing packaging unit components as well as on the required number of life cycles. This allows us to identify the relevant requirements for the final product, to establish the suitable foam material, to choose the suitable manufacturing technology and finally to convert the material into reliable packaging solutions.

We can convert a great choice of flexible materials from a simple roll, sheet or block unit into a complex technical foam packaging. The foam can be provided with different properties such as fire-retardancy, thermal insulation, sealing or electrical conductivity.
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We Deliver Complete Solutions, to help customers reach their goals

We do a complete service from analyzing customer needs, defining requirements together with the customers, selecting possible alternatives, designing logistic layouts and workflow, consulting over processes from kanban, poka-yoke and lean manufacturing point of view, installation, training, and maintenance.

We can help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

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