Cardboard packaging

We create innovative carton board packaging solutions that help our customers to protect their goods and reduce their overall costs. We constantly invest in new technologies to optimize the stacking strength and the stability of our products, as well as to reduce their weight.

Our cardboard industrial packaging is developed according to our customer’s needs and can incorporate corrugated and honeycomb structures – combined in multiple layers – as well as profiles and skids. For extra protection, we can add a wide variety of foam inserts.

Advanced possibilities of die-cutting and printing allow us to achieve maximum customization level for every project. Depending on the application, our products can be designed for one-way use in delivery and export or for multiple uses in the supply chain.

Our cardboard packaging is manufactured from quality materials using renewable sources. These are sustainable, recyclable and environmentally friendly.

    Cardboard boxes

    Cardboard boxes

    Our industrial cardboard boxes increase the packing efficiency by allowing an optimum number of products to be safely secured and stacked for shipping, handling and storage.

    A vast technological capacity allows us to respond with a great flexibility to different requests for industrial packaging in terms of size, shape and closure types. For an advanced customization level, we can design different cardboard inserts and dividers that provide both support and maximum protection to your goods.

    Display cardboard trays can also be developed according to your needs for transporting and presenting your products, while printing possibilities will increase your brand image and create the premises of a productive sales process.

    Our cardboard boxes are suitable for spare parts, semi-finished and finished products. We serve automotive and electronic fields, as well as manufacturing, garments, ceramics, glassware, e-commerce and food industry.

    CratesCratesPressed and corrugated cardboard are light yet rigid materials that can secure your goods and reduce your shipping costs.View product
    Trays and insertsTrays and insertsOur industrial cardboard trays are light and solid carriers that can optimize the manufacturing processes.View product
    Cardboard containers

    Cardboard containers

    The unique combination of rigidness and lightness makes our cardboard containers a more cost-effective substitute for wooden, plywood or metal packaging. These are available in a wide variety of designs and material compositions to accommodate even very heavy and less typically shaped products.

    We analyze each project based on the individual requirements of the respective application and optimize the material consumption accordingly. Our cardboard containers are produced with several components to allow our customers to run efficient handling, transport and storage operations. Additional parts such as inserts, compartments, product and level dividers increase functionality of the system and ensure optimum protection.

    Cardboard is easy to be recycled after use, therefor our large containers comprise a high percent of recovered paper which makes them a valuable contribution to a more sustainable supply chain.

    Pallet boxesPallet boxesOur cardboard pallet boxes are designed to transport in a safe and economical way large quantities of goods or heavy and voluminous items.View product
    OctabinOctabinOctabin containers offer further advantages such as fast access to content and simplified handling operations.View product
    Cardboard pallets

    Cardboard pallets

    Cardboard pallets are a more economic and environmentally friendly alternative to wooden pallets. They weigh significantly less and therefor save more space and freight costs, at the same time being much easier to be handled by operators. Also, the lack of nails and splinters eliminates the safety hazards and maintains a cleaner work environment.

    Unlike wood – which needs heat and fumigation treatments to be accepted for international shipping – carboard pallets are exempt from health and safety requirements because they come out from the manufacturing process as sterile products. These pallets require less raw material to be produced and at the same time they are easier and less costly to be recycled, transformed and given a new life.

    Our cardboard pallets are customizable by shape, size and usability. These can be used together with anti-slip paper sheets or separating layers, as well as replaced by rigid sheets or skids that can be attached to the boxes bottom.

    PalletsPalletsCardboard pallets are light and robust load carriers that can be shipped worldwide without previous treatments or restrictions.View product
    SheetsSheetsTransfer sheets are industrial cardboard sheets that can be employed to substitute the pallets during delivery.View product
    Cardboard bars

    Cardboard bars, frames and profiles

    The range of cardboard packaging is containing a wide variety of bars and profiles that can be used individually or with the boxes and the pallets to optimize the packing and shipping processes.

    Our bars can be mounted as continuous or interrupted skids (foot type) in the pallets construction or under different kind of boxes. These are strong components that can take up even heavy loads. Special constructed bars with high edges increase functionality and optimize the goods stability. These bars can also be combined as stand-alone frames that protect and secure single atypical products or components.

    Cardboard barsCardboard bars, frames and profilesThese are used to protect the corners and edges of the goods and facilitate the formation of pallets, as well as to increase the stability of the stack in combination with stretch foil or strapping bandView product
    Corrugated carton boards

    Carton boards

    Cardboard is a simple material that features an unique combination of low weight and good strength. This highly performing product – especially in terms of resistance to vertical compression – brings numerous advantages in daily use. Its construction provides rigidity, impact protection and shock absorption qualities, making it suitable even for heavy duty packaging. It also protects the goods from dust and dirt, sunlight and temperature variations.

    As a custom engineered material, its production requires low energy consumption which moves on to the final price of the product. Moreover, the manufacturing process uses sustainable materials such as recycled paper and water-based glues.

    Our corrugated and honeycomb cardboard panels can be easily converted for countless purposes, from large containers to internal cardboard inserts for packaging. We can combine them with different materials such as adhesive tapes, technical foams or textiles to achieve necessary features for your specific applications. These boards can also be produced with fire retardant features or with surfaces that are appropriate for a wide range of printing technologies to satisfy complex graphical requirements.

    Honeycomb carton boardsHoneycomb carton boardsHoneycomb cardboards are paper packaging solutions that consist of a beehive shaped core enclosed by two smooth covering materials. View product
    Corrugated carton boardsCorrugated carton boardsCorrugated cardboard provides advanced features of mechanical stress, which make it suitable for designing a large variety of handling.View product