Honeycomb carton boards

Product information

Honeycomb cardboards are paper packaging solutions that consist of a beehive shaped core enclosed by two smooth covering materials. As a result of the hexagonal structure of the inner cells, it offers an excellent ratio between the material’s strength and low weight. Thus, among other types of cardboard, this material distinguishes by the high compression strength, which provides outstanding protection and shock absorption features.

Honeycomb panels are stronger than corrugated carton board and more cost-effective than wood. Compared to pressed and corrugated cardboard, it requires less paper in its overall construction.

The material is highly suitable for a wide variety of uses in packaging industry, especially when an advanced protection degree is mandatory. The standard height – of up to 100 mm – can be increased for special applications. The stiffness, levelness and the light weight makes it a great choice for a broad selection of printing options as well.