All kind of industries, from the food to the automotive have in common that they use packaging, machinery, systems and equipment to optimize logistics flow from all points of view. Eurobox Logistics offers suitable solutions for all industrial activities from production, sorting, handling and assembly up to transport and storage.

Any product that is manufactured or assembled must be transported in packages, both during the production process, and when it is shipped. Throughout the existence of our company, we paid special attention to communication with customers in various industrial fields. Thus, we managed to understand their specific needs and to create ranges of packages designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements and restrictions imposed.

Beyond packages, another important aspect of our customers activity is continuously optimizing the operational flow and the logistics processes. In this respect, our company offers a wide range of logistic equipment that speed up loading/unloading and products handling. This equipment reduces the physical effort of your employees and creates a safer work environment, where the focus is both on business efficiency and increasing the productivity, as well as the protection of health and safety of employees at work.

Also, our equipment is designed in accordance with the best practices regarding the organization and operation of good stocks, ergonomics in performing the activity at workplaces and for efficient use of storage spaces.

Below you can find a presentation of the industrial fields we serve, with a brief description of how we understand the challenges that our customers must face and how we support them by our logistics products and solutions.

Automotive industry

Automotive industry

Car manufacturing is an activity of great precision, involving parts and tools that must be in perfect operating condition, since they leave the factory until they are assembled in the car.

We can provide the necessary support for each process of the automotive industry by providing solutions to help car manufacturers to efficiently organize the production flow, packing and shipping or the flow of receiving, sorting and distribution of parts on the assembly line.

By means of our products, standard or customized, car components will be:

  • Protected from dust and scratches;
  • Kept away of shocks during the difficult conditions of transport;
  • Held in specific position during handling and transport.

Through our Kanban systems, the automotive industry specific logistics processes will be carried out fluently and without error, and along our machinery and equipment, they will be optimized to the maximum.

For details on our product range for the automotive industry, please see the product pages of our website or contact us directly.



Currently, the manufacturing industry is a complex activity worldwide, involving a huge amount of goods daily.

Whatever the final product may be, the manufacturing industry needs reliable packaging and equipment for both raw materials and finished products sent to warehouses and distributors.

Our solutions can serve a wide range of segments in this industry, from those producing fragile items (e.g. glass) to those who manufacture heavy parts or bulky components. In addition, we provide a special range of accessories dedicated to specific uses and requirements.

Please, visit our contact page to get in touch with one of our consultants for details on the range of products for manufacturing industry.

Electronic industry

Electronic industry

The most of the instruments, apparatuses, cars and automatic machines that we use today consist of electronic parts. These parts are usually made in one country and then shipped to another country or on another continent.

We are aware of the strict requirements for production, storage and transport of electronic components and we provide you with effective solutions to protect them from electrostatic discharge, shocks, scratches, dust and electromagnetic interference.

The range of solutions for the electronic industry is produced from ESD materials, which offer full safety against electrostatic discharges. They are easy to clean and have an excellent resistance to ensure a large number of cycles of use.

On request, we can offer many opportunities for customizing in accordance with the most various types of electronic products.

Please discover the complete range of electrically conductive systems (ESD) in the pages dedicated to these products.



Distribution of goods is the centerpiece of international trade. Currently, many products go through a long way to reach the consumer and an economic and fast way of working is crucial for the companies involved.

In this context, Eurobox Logistics offers efficient solutions and professional equipment designed to improve the workflow in the distribution companies and to help them save time and resources.

The range of returnable packaging for distribution, for example, offers benefits such as reduced floor space in the warehouse or in the truck at empty packaging returning. It also provides the ability to secure the content by closing or sealing elements.

Whatever your specific business demands and requirements may be, our products and services will help to optimize the logistics processes, will provide flexibility in operations and will allow you to keep your focus on customers.

Courier services

Courier services

Postal services have become available since the different communities came into contact with each other and wanted to communicate. Communication is the key of the modern world in which we all are interconnected, sharing information and cultural values.


Courier and postal services have to transport huge amounts of mail every day. Currently, it is not just about the ordinary letters in envelopes, but also about large documents or products in packages.

Our solutions can serve to reception, sorting and sending all types of mail and parcels. These are based on simple and useful products that save handling time and occupied space to improve the automation of courier and postal services.

Their main benefits are:

  • Quickness and easeness in use;
  • Optimizing the space occupied in warehouse;
  • Transport costs reducing by optimizing the use of each cubic meter in the transport truck;
  • Resistance to intensive use.

Our products and services can also be customized according to the customer’s needs. Please send us details of the project and we will recommend the most appropriate logistics solutions for your company needs.

Storage and logistics

Storage and logistics

Any warehouse manager must be alert to two key issues in conducting a successful operation in this area: a continuous flow of reception and dispatch of goods and a rigorous order in every corner of the warehouse.
We can provide these two characteristics in storage and logistics activity by our range of solutions for handling, storage and transport of large amount of goods.

What distinguishes us from other companies that provide packages?
The fact that we do not believe in standard solutions that force customers to adapt their workflow to the storage solutions, but we offer a wide range of products and equipment that are tailored to our customers’ needs.

Our products are made to the highest quality standards and are suitable for frequent and prolonged use. We seek continuously innovative materials and we improve manufacturing procedures to meet the needs of our customers.

Please discover the range of products for the warehousing and logistics industry in the dedicated web pages. We are always at your disposal with further information and details.

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry have always been an area of high technology from several points of view. Measurements and dosages must be precise up to microgram and the conditions of storage and transport must comply with several restrictions, including:

  • Temperature;
  • No contamination by dust, other chemicals or organic substances;
  • Protection against shocks;
  • Leakage avoidance;
  • Protection against ultraviolet rays.

Eurobox Logistics offers a specialized range of products that comply with these requirements, including the highest standards of hygiene (e.g. Cleanroom pallets range).

Our products are designed for two main goals: to help our customers in activity efficiency and to optimize the storage and transportation costs. So, among the main features of our products, are the ergonomic design, relatively reduced weight and durability.

Our consultants are at your disposal for any details on the range of products recommended for chemical or pharmaceutical industry.



Retail industry depends on operations efficiency. Shop shelves must be continuously supplied with products and the employees must work quickly to receive, sort and arrange the goods.

Our products dedicated to this industry offer the following major benefits:

  • They are hygienic and easy to clean to be given to a new cycle in a short time;
  • They are suitable for long-term heavy use;
  • They are easy to handle and moved from one place to another.

Along with standard solutions, we can offer customized solutions according to your specific needs.

When you choose to work with us, you are not only receiving a product, but also expert advice on the types of products suitable for your business and suggestions for improving the workflow and costs reducing.

Marketing and advertising

Marketing and advertising

Currently, the markets for the most product type are confronted with the highest level of competition of all time. Attracting the customers and influencing their purchasing behaviour has become a science, and packaging are an important ingredient in the formula of success. People are attracted by the packaging and the display systems on the shelves, clean, colorful and aesthetic. They will not buy products stored in cracked and dirty wooden crates.

We understand the high level of demanding and professionalism that our customers require in the design and manufacture of packaging for goods display. Thus, we combine the precise science of manufacturing durable, hygienic and easy to use products with attractive design for promotional purposes.

The most popular products in this category are the pallets for product presentation (display type). They allow stacking of a large number of products on a small area of the shop. With their help, you do not need to buy a set of packaging for the transport of goods and another for their display, as they offer optimal support to products during transport and can be brought out of the truck directly in the store, reducing handling to a minimum.

We are available to find together the customized solution to match the logistical needs of your company and to allow you to promote the image and products.

Food industry

Food industry

Packaging and transport of fresh and processed food is a critical aspect in the food industry. The products should be stored safely, guaranteeing their freshness or preventing their damage and contamination with different substances during storage and transport.

Our products for the food industry are made of materials approved for food contact ensuring products hygiene and safety throughout the logistic flow. Thus, the machinery and equipment provide efficient handling and processing, while returnable packaging ensure the best conditions for transport and storage.

The food industry can create specific needs depending on the products and operations. Our team is ready to assist you in choosing the optimal logistics solution for your company.



Fresh fruits and vegetables are sold worldwide every day. Their main characteristic that makes them special from the other products is that they are highly perishable and require specific storage and transportation conditions.


Our returnable packaging for agriculture, horticulture and fruit growing help you to keep the goods fresh and to protect them from damage. They have a design with many perforations to ensure a good ventilation and are designed with smooth surfaces to prevent damage and to ease the sanitation.

Our products are suitable for all times of agricultural production cycle. Foldable or double-stackable boxes are suitable for harvesting, the large containers ensure their transportation and storage and the stackable crates are recommended for display of goods in the store.

The products sold by us are designed to offer to our customers additional benefits, such as optimizing the use of space and of transport costs and an extended use.



Material recycling is one of the most important activities of the entire planet. By recycling, the waste quantity is reduces and the resources and materials at our disposal are used more efficiently and responsibly.

Increasingly more countries have created laws requiring the collection and recycling of waste, so that the companies are forced to create recycling programs in collaboration with specialized companies.

Eurobox Logistics helps you to comply with national programs for waste collecting by supplying packaging for waste collection and storing or industrial waste baling and compaction equipment for shipment to recycling centers.

So, you can significant reduce the amount of waste sent for recycling and the costs related to this operation. By compacting the recyclable materials, you also save the storage spaces for collecting them, until they will be picked up by firms specialized in material recycling.