Eurobox Logistics is your trusted and reliable producer of customized packaging solutions. We have a modern production facility in Romania, and we have also an established partnership with the reputable company Georg UTZ AG in Switzerland.

Our network of local representative offices covers some of the most strategic areas in Europe: Romania, Bulgaria and Austria. Our dedicated team of 23 employees has managed to help Eurobox Logistics generate an annual group turnover of EUR 5 million.


What Makes Us Different from Our Competitors?

Eurobox Logistics is your one-stop-shop for customized and special packaging concepts for B2B companies. From non-standard footprints to complex and highly specialized concepts, we can create any kind of professional packaging solution to fit your needs.

Our number one strength is our team of specialists who have both the professional experience and the ability to listen to our customers. When we evaluate a project, we look at several key factors:

  • How we can help you reduce the number of containers per shipment by increasing product density inside each container
  • Ways to improve safety during shipment and reduce loss due to damaged products in transit
  • Improving the design of packaging materials and making them more ergonomic for handling
  • Saving space and shipping costs with foldable packaging materials
  • Improving resistance to wear and tear in order to prolong the useful life of your reusable packaging materials.