Organization and protection equipment

Logistics activities of the companies in most industries have to be more efficient, fast and safe to favour high productivity and, therefore, profitability. For this reason, employees’ manual labour must be eliminated at a higher rate and replaced with reliable automated equipment.

Thus, automation of manufacturing, assembly and movement of finished products to the packing area can be done with belt conveyor systems, adaptable to all industrial activities and available spaces.

Cabinets, work benches and technical mats are also facilities that should not miss from the production areas. They create a safe working environment, comfortable and well organized to employees.

And for the employees who need to permanently keep in touch with the headquarters in warehouses or retail and production areas, the mobile offices is the optimal solution to carry out their work in the best conditions.

We invite you to see below our range of equipment which is integrated in the logistic flow of goods taking over, sorting, storing and distribution.

  • Storeganizer


    Racking systems are essential storage solutions for warehouses and picking areas. They allow safe and rapid storage of the items, regardless of their shape, size and volume. Traditional racking versions are highly-efficient for storing heavy, large or fast-moving products.

  • Industrial lockers

    Industrial lockers

    Industrial lockers are indispensable in any company where employees work dressed in overalls and personal protective equipment or use specialized tools, depending on the specific of work. Industrial lockers installation allows to your employees.

  • Work benches

    Work benches

    Tables and work benches as well as tool panels offered by Eurobox Logistics are designed taking into account the principles of ergonomics and safety at the workplace. They are suitable for people of different stature and are configured with drawers and racks suitable for the type of work performed.

  • Mobile office

    Mobile office

    Eurobox Logistics offers an innovative and effectively concept to create a more dynamic working environment for your employees: the mobile office. This office type is a standalone unit equipped with wheels, with independent source of power supply, and that can be easily moved anywhere.

  • Technical mats

    Technical mats

    The technical mat is one of the easiest and efficient accessories that protect the employees' health. The most common risk areas are those where chemicals are used, is producing dust, noise and vibration by nature of business.