Technical mats

Product information

The technical mat is one of the easiest and efficient accessories that protect the employees’ health. The most common risk areas are those where chemicals are used, is producing dust, noise and vibration by nature of business.

The main benefits of technical mats:

  • Are easy to install, requires no adhesives or waterproof membrane;
  • They have heat insulating role, protecting the employees against the cold transmitted through the floor;
  • Are resistant to chemicals and fire;
  • They have an easy to clean anti-slip surface;
  • They have a long service life;
  • Reduce dust and noise.

By installing technical mats, you also significantly reduce the administrative costs for maintaining cleanliness as they are much easier and cheaper to clean than a floor contaminated with various substances (including some corrosive ones which would require repair works). In addition, the technical mats non-slip surface help to prevent the work accidents, while the heat insulation ensures a pleasant and comfortable working environment.

Easy to mount using the click-in joint system, the technical mats can be reused if you change your headquarters, because they are suitable for many applications, warehouses, industrial buildings, factories. They can also be used in the production units of components or electronic devices (technical mats of ESD material).