Customised packaging

Certain products show characteristics, dimensions and restrictions on storage and transport. For these, the packaging of the standard range can be an inappropriate choice because either they do not provide additional protection required or do not fit the shapes and dimensions of these products.

Eurobox Logistics meets these needs with a wide range of customized packaging. They are designed following the consultation with our customers after we analysed the specific requirements and established the key characteristics that must fulfil our packaging solutions.

The main benefits of the customized packaging can be found in reducing the percentage of damaged goods during transport, a more efficient use of storage space compared to the standard packaging, and increased protection against contamination by moisture, dust or other impurities.

Our customized packaging is manufactured using the most advanced technologies to ensure reliable solution, suitable for long-term use.

  • Thermoformed trays

    Thermoformed trays

    By the thermoforming process, three-dimensional negative image of an object is hot printed in a plastic foil. So, there is realized a space in which that object can be placed and remains fixed during storage and transport.

  • Corrugated plastic dividers

    Corrugated plastic dividers

    Corrugated plastic dividers help you configure the space of a box, a container or on a pallet to pack as many as products and effectively protect them during handling and transportation.

  • Corrugated plastic boxes

    Corrugated plastic boxes

    Corrugated plastic boxes are essential for companies that manufacture, store and dispatch products with atypical shapes and dimensions. They cover in addition, the requirements on strength, duration of use and space savings as the standard plastic boxes.

  • Duraflex packaging

    Duraflex packaging

    Duraflex is a material highly resistant, flexible and with a reduced tare weight. These characteristics make it suitable for use in particularly for heavy or bulky products requiring on demand configured packaging.

  • Foam packaging

    Foam packaging

    Plastic foams are distinguished by a multitude of material-coated cells filled with air, either sealed from each other (closed cells foams) or interconnected (open cells foams). The closed cells foams are stiffer, denser and more durable, making them suitable for shock absorption applications.

  • EPP packaging

    EPP packaging

    The Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) has a number of characteristics that recommend it as the best material for industrial packaging. Firstly the tare weighs is almost 25% lower than other materials with similar loading capacity and resistance. So, EPP packaging adequately protects the product during transport and helps saving costs.

  • EPS packaging

    EPS packaging

    The main characteristics of EPS (expanded polystyrene) packaging, disposable or reusable are: transported products protection efficient use of available space transport costs reducing due to their low tare weight These characteristics turn into considerable benefits for companies operating in the automotive, electronics, manufacture and distribution industries.

  • Textile dividers

    Textile dividers

    Nonwoven fabric dividers have the dual role of protecting the parts against dust and scratches and to help the components manufacturers to make better use of space in the transport containers.

  • Special dimension boxes

    Special dimension boxes

    Our customers often need solutions to handle or transport products with special dimensions or shapes that do not fall inside of some standard dimensions boxes.

  • Special dimension pallets

    Special dimension pallets

    Long or bulky products need suitable pallets and Eurobox Logistics can provide countless variants of pallets in atypical sizes.

  • Special dimension pallet boxes

    Special dimension pallet boxes

    Very heavy or bulky products require specific packaging on their extent. Special dimensions pallet boxes are particularly addressed to the automotive and manufacturing industry, where the safe transport of parts, components and finished products of large dimensions is a daily must.

  • Pallet cover

    Pallet cover

    The pallet covers provide additional protection of transported goods and help you keep the pallets in good condition for a longer time. They are recommended to protect the cargo from dust and weather.

  • Containers and shelves for the automotive industry

    Containers and shelves for the automotive industry

    Containers and shelves for automotive industry are manufactured in customized models and dimensions to ensure the protection of parts, sub-assemblies and car components. These solutions are realized taking into account the following requirements