Corrugated plastic dividers

Corrugated plastic dividers help you configure the space of a box, a container or on a pallet to pack as many as products and effectively protect them during handling and transportation.

They can be produced of dimensions and shapes required by the customer and can be made with different characteristics, such as:

  • Welded or rounded edges, to be used for sensitive products;
  • Surfaces coated with textile materials for content added protection;
  • With or without attached frame.

Corrugated plastic dividers installation brings proven benefits on reducing the percentage of damaged goods during transport and handling.

  • Corrugated plastic pallet dividers

    Product information

    Corrugated plastic pallet dividers are simple and effective accessories that allow you to separate the layers of palletised products and to create a more stable product stack, eliminating the risk of slipping and overturning.

    Compared with the cardboard dividers used by many companies, corrugated plastic dividers are thinner but stronger and lighter, reducing the weight and overall height of the products stacked on the pallet. They also can be easily washed removing all traces of dirt. So, your company can use dividers up to 50 cycles of use, providing a good return of investment.

    Corrugated plastic pallet dividers are especially suitable for transporting foodstuffs, beverages and fragile products. To ensure a maximum hygiene level, we can provide dividers with sealed edges to prevent ingress of contaminants into the divider structure.

    These dividers are available in EURO and ISO standard dimensions, but also in special dimensions and in a variety of colours. At the same time, they can be customized with your company logo to more effectively promote your brand.

    Whatever is the version you opt for, corrugated plastic pallet dividers help you to reduce the shipping costs for each shipment of goods and to streamline the product packaging for shipment.

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  • Corrugated plastic dividers for boxes and containers

    Product information

    Corrugated plastic dividers allow the space configuration of a box or a container, to maximize its use. This allows you to pack more products without making sacrifices for their protection during storage, transport and handling.

    These dividers can be made in the dimensions and shapes specified by the customer. There are also available numerous variants and specific characteristics, such as:

    • Welded or rounded edges for the sensitive products protection;
    • Various ways of folding or fixing;
    • Various possibilities of rolling.

    Our corrugated plastic dividers for boxes and containers will reduce both the dispatching costs by maximizing the use of available spaces and the percentage of damaged good in transit.

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