Polypropylene sheet packaging

Plastic is often regarded as environmentally unfriendly due to its long-lasting global presence. This non-biodegradable material seems to last forever on Earth. Managing the vast amount of plastic waste remains a significant challenge.

  • Duraflex packaging

    Product information

    Duraflex is a solid material produced from 3 layers of polypropylene film. The thermoformed core features repeating cell patterns sandwiched between two solid layers. All layers merge and seal during in-line extrusion without glue or extra bonding agents.

    The sandwich-type structure gives the material equal resistance over the entire surface. It provides outstanding protection and shock absorption features. The inner cells’ size can vary depending on the thickness of the material, which is available between 3-30 mm. Rigid polypropylene air cell boards balance high strength with low weight. They’re ideal for diverse handling and transport packaging designs.

    Duraflex has a material density of up to 6000 g/m2. This makes it suitable for high stability and durability needs in product shipment. It’s great for handling small equipment, as well. Duraflex can undergo optional treatments with various additives. These treatments can confer flame resistance, electrical conductivity, and UV-ray resistance. Further, it has excellent thermal resistance and is unaffected by moisture and most chemicals.

    Comparison to other materials used in packaging

    Duraflex material offers an extended life to the designed packaging. This makes it a great alternative to one-way solutions. Due to its empty cell core, Duraflex is cost-effective. It uses less material compared to solid plastic sheets, lowering construction costs. In addition, it is lighter than solid panels of equivalent thickness. This allows for easier handling and substantial weight reduction in the overall packaging unit.

    For packaging, corrugated plastic sheets only require bending perpendicular to the channel direction. The final packaging might be less stable or lasting if bent along the channel direction. Duraflex offers maximum resistance to the final packaging, no matter in which direction it is bent.

    Our 3-layer polypropylene panels surpass corrugated carton boards in strength and stability. This difference becomes noticeable when stacking products. Duraflex packaging can withstand heavy loads without compromising the safety of the packed goods or users. In specific applications, it’s the preferred choice. Especially when safeguarding products from moisture or harmful substances is crucial. Its surface allows for attaching various identification or warning labels. These labels can be removed or replaced as needed.

    Compared to wooden versions, Duraflex packaging imposes no shipping restrictions or special maintenance. At the same time, it weighs less than the crates and containers produced from wood. Duraflex contrasts with metal packaging in several ways. It’s lightweight and operates silently in any application. In addition, it offers corrosion and rust resistance.

    Converting possibilities

    Industrial packaging trends are evolving due to advancing technologies. These innovations enable companies to enhance their fabrication and conversion processes. Our strong market awareness helps us pinpoint materials and equipment that align with our customers’ needs and limitations.

    Our knowledge and experience in packaging manufacturing and plastic processing are crucial. They help us evaluate each specific application effectively. This leads to finding the optimal solution for clients.

    Duraflex is a top-quality material choice for designing reusable, custom-made packaging. In some applications, it can be useful as unconverted or slightly-converted sheets. Most often, we transform it into finished packaging.

    These air bubble polypropylene boards can be precisely and quickly processed by cutting, bending, welding and milling. Their smooth surfaces enable us to print them with your logo or a lot more of other information. Multiple in-line laminating options are available. They involve technical films and offer anti-slip or foam-padded finishes. These finishes are suitable for services that handle parts with sensitive surfaces. They are ideal for parts with delicate surfaces.

    The standard color options include gray, blue, and black. These can expand with custom colors to match various preferences for visual appeal and brand promotion.

    Lightweight and sturdy, Duraflex is ideal for reusable packaging. It maintains its technical and aesthetic qualities for several years of use. Our durable packaging solutions cater to specific products and applications. They encompass various sleeves for collapsible pallet containers, boxes, intermediate layers, and dividers. These items offer complete customization. This includes material thickness density and packaging design, allowing for various dimensions.

    The sleeves are engineered with plastic pallet and lid packaging systems, such as Collibox. They are designed to streamline the handling and transport processes for a wide range of goods. We offer pallet sleeves tailored to our clients’ needs. Depending on their requirements, these can be a single foldable piece or come in multiple parts. The one-piece sleeves can be produced with different configurations, such as M and Z folding.

    In contrast, sleeves crafted from multiple parts offer versatility. They come in configurations like C or U shapes, and operators can access either their short or long sides. All sleeves allow customers to achieve volume savings at return transport. This sleeve-packaging system offers flexibility with open or closed edges at the bottom and top. Clients can choose optional return collars and closing and locking systems. These options provide a wide range of custom choices to meet specific needs.

    Duraflex crates and trays are sturdy. They offer lasting storage and transport. It is ideal for bulky or lengthy items like pipes and profiles. We offer customization based on product needs. This includes handles, screws, stacking frames, corners, Velcro fixing systems, and label holders.

    Intermediate layers and inserts segment large containers and pallet boxes. This arrangement creates individual spaces to protect delicate items from contacting each other. These multi-way compartment solutions protect the goods from damage, dust and contamination. They are easy to mount and demount and save important space when not in use.


    Duraflex returnable packaging is robust and lightweight. It fits the manufacturing, storage, and transit stages. It is recommended for circular routes and frequent trips between factories, assembly sites, distribution, or repair centers. The material suits bulky, heavy parts and components and fragile goods.

    Duraflex can be transformed in almost any form and design. This feature makes it one of the most cost-effective resources for customized industrial packaging. In sectors like automotive and aviation, Duraflex packaging meets strict requirements. It provides high stability, impact strength, stacking capability, and vibration resistance during transport. We design different Duraflex partitions for delicate parts. Foam padding or inserts can maximize goods protection.

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  • Corrugated plastic boxes

    Product information

    Corrugated plastic is an extruded plastic material that resembles corrugated paper. The upper and lower surfaces, flat and smooth, are joined by middle-fluted ribs. They make the material strong, light and flexible. It can be manufactured from polypropylene. This process uses prime or recycled grade material in different percentages.

    Cellular plastic has an ideal balance between quality and cost. This applies across various industries thanks to its high degree of customization. Various additives enhance cellular plastic. These include printing, UV-ray protection, fire retardant, and static electricity dissipation. Laminating fabric or foam enhances grip and protection.

    Corrugated plastic comes in primary PP sheets. Further, they get cut for layering and separating goods on pallets. Other uses include display shelves and cases. These sheets become reusable packaging like containers, separators, and boxes.

    Comparison to other materials used in packaging

    Customized packaging from cellular polypropylene suits oddly-shaped goods. They fit large, non-standard items, exceeding typical European and global shipping dimensions. This packaging suits small, oddly-shaped items. It can adapt to single items or multiple products with dividers.

    Fluted polypropylene boxes, partitions, and accessories offer cost-effective alternatives to molded plastic crates, wood, and metal containers. The lightweight yet rigid and durable structure enables even more transport costs and storage space savings. Further, the operators will find them easier to handle and less challenging to clean.

    Corrugated plastic boxes offer these benefits compared to disposable cardboard packaging:

    • Tear and puncture resistance as well as good impact strength, protecting the inner packed items from damages
    • Durability, as corrugated plastic packaging can be used for many years
    • They resist factors like moisture, mildew, chemicals, and oils at regular temperatures
    • Cleanliness, as the surfaces are easy to wipe and maintain clean
    • Cost-effective due to the advanced reusability degree

    Converting possibilities

    We create custom boxes to meet client needs as a plastic box producer and corrugated plastic converter. In-house tech allows us to cut, crease, and weld polypropylene sheets, creating custom packaging with unique features.

    We can customize the Akylux boxes in terms of:

    • Size
    • Material thickness
    • Material density
    • Preferred colors
    • Printing options
    • Labels
    • Design

    Our box designs cater to unique needs. Most projects involve meticulous manual work. The boxes can have lids, carvings, injected handles, rivets, stacking profiles and corners, and additional reinforcements. These factors optimize load capacity, goods protection, parts per package, and maneuverability. Depending on the customer’s needs, the edges can be left open or sealed.

    For storage and transport efficiency, we can develop collapsible corrugated plastic boxes. Few attachment points allow swift assembly and flat storage or shipping.


    Most of our corrugated plastic crates are developed for the automotive and electronic industries. These packaging solutions address companies across all fields and industries. They organize and protect goods during storage, transport, and handling.

    The automotive sector’s components and parts require complex and innovative technical packaging. They need to be sturdy but lightweight for easy handling. Alveoplast boxes are light yet strong, enhancing supply chain maneuverability.

    Sensitive electronic components require corrugated plastic boxes. These boxes should possess anti-static or electrostatic discharge properties. They prevent electrostatic charge buildup and potential damage, ensuring safe product storage and shipping.

    These boxes facilitate part movement between production, assembly lines, and dispatch in production sites. Heavier items benefit from reinforced components, enhancing crate duration and goods protection.

    The boxes can be used as secondary packaging for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. The main advantage is that the boxes can be sterilized at high temperatures. This maintains hygiene requirements.

    Courier companies find corrugated plastic boxes cost-effective and dependable for packaging. The crates are versatile for sorting envelopes and small packages. They also distribute them to subsidiary centers and end recipients.

    In the clothing industry, corrugated plastic boxes offer a clear advantage. They protect semi-finished and finished products from water and liquids, preventing irreparable damage.

    Agriculture, retail, and the food and beverage industries can benefit from corrugated plastic boxes. Beyond protecting products and saving costs, this packaging enhances brand image and shelf visibility. This material permits vibrant multi-colored advertising images and text printing. It happens due to ink adhesion treatment.

    In these applications, we provide partitions and dunnage options. They help customers increase product count per package and reduce extra packing materials.


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We promote reusable boxes to contribute to environmental conservation efforts. Our commitment lies in extending product lifespan with quality, durable materials. This empowers customers for multiple reuses.

This plastic packaging is a viable alternative to one-way packaging.

In contrast to cardboard, which has limited reuse, these can endure hundreds of cycles with careful handling. Further, corrugated polypropylene production has a smaller environmental footprint than other plastics. It is harmless for humans as it does not release toxic substances while using the end products.

Plastic is technically recyclable, but recycling can become challenging and costly in compound forms. Our polypropylene boards are crafted from a single polymer. This renders them fully recyclable at their end of life. Reintroducing it to production minimizes the impact on the environment. It enhances supply chain sustainability. This way, they transform into a valuable resource for a new life.