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Racking systems are essential storage solutions for warehouses and picking areas. They allow safe and rapid storage of the items, regardless of their shape, size and volume. Traditional racking versions are highly-efficient for storing heavy, large or fast-moving products. But they might be less beneficial for low-volume, small and slow-moving items. Storeganizer is an innovative warehouse storage system.

What is Storeganizer?

Engineered by conTeyor, Storeganizer consists of multiple sliding columns of fabric pockets. These hang vertically, enabling the creation of additional stock room in terms of footprint and height. The operator moves the columns – mounted on built-in rails – by hand while he stands on the ground level. All compartments are easily and quickly accessible.

How does Storeganizer work?

The wheeled slots are suspended from a modular rack which is mounted on the existing pallet racks. Due to its universal hanging system, Storeganizer is easily mounted on any pallet rack, regardless of the manufacturer or beam type. Moreover, the slim storage solution can be installed without additional adaptations to the existing shelves and workflow.

We can design the wheeled slots up to four rows deep, based on the application requirements. This type of storage allows you to use the full dimensions of the pallet racks (width, depth and height), creating a-3D storage. The free space from the back of traditional shelving is often too deep for safe picking. With Storeganizer, the operator quickly reaches the rear pick locations by rolling the front rows to the left or right side. Fixed Storeganizers can also be installed, as well as combinations of both types (wheeled and fixed).

Storeganizer offers incomparable storage density for each application

We deliver vertical textile pockets in standard sizes or made-to-measure. Customized versions are crafted in various dimensions to match the assigned items. Thus, instead of one-size storage spaces, the columns and pockets are tailored to the products’ dimensions. If desired, the columns can occupy every available floor space on multiple levels in height, up to the ceiling. Consequently, it offers the highest number of SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) per square meter.


Standard dimensions Overview

Standard dimensions Overview

As each storage environment is unique, practical accessories and a wide range of options further suit particular inventory and workflow. These include front covers, front stops and dividers. Storeganizer allows us to conceive any configuration within the maximum section width, depth and height. The limited depth of the slots creates more pick locations. In this way, the empty spaces – previously required for the order-picking process – are now optimally used. Moreover, this high-density storage system is scalable. That means that you can expand as the business grows.


Game changer for warehouse and picking areas

Our slim fit storage solution is lightweight yet can hold 100 kg per column/ unit. Due to the solid flexible fibre and highly durable reinforced PVC structure, they stand against tearing or cracking for up to 10 years of use. Additionally, they are maintenance-free. Unlike automated equipment, such as vertical lift modules, they require no service contracts, bringing down the total ownership costs.

The sturdy, high-density storage solution enables you to convert useless space into a useful one. This transformation translates into optimized storage costs per square meter. At the same time, it eliminates the need to invest in costly storage options such as new constructions, new racks or third-party services. Additionally, it saves companies from displacing old racks and changing the warehouse layout.

Comparison before and after introducing Storeganizer (average values) across all customer types:

  • 40% additional footprint created in the existing workspace
  • 42% less picking time/distance
  • 26% increase in order picking efficiency

(Study of the University of Louvain, Belgium)

Storeganizer also creates a more ergonomic work environment, allowing staff to perform efficient manual picking. The operators determine the location of the products quickly, shortening the order-picking routes. The risk of mistakes reduces as the goods are assigned their storage place. Additionally, the pockets can be barcoded to minimize picking errors.

The ingenious storage system for warehouses also reduces the physical efforts of the order pickers. The goods stay in easily rollable pockets,  which provide less bending, stretching or lifting. Thus, items previously hard to locate and pick are now within hand’s reach at all times. And this increases the number of finished orders per operator.

Features, advantages and benefits

Storeganizer is:

  • Cost-effective and attractive storage solution
  • Patented and proven system
  • Universally applicable as it fits on the already in-use pallet racks
  • Made from sustainable materials
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Maintenance free
  • Available in standard sizes or made-to-measure

Storeganizer stands out for:

  • High storage density
  • Significant improvement in ergonomics
  • High picking efficiency
  • Full return on investment in a short time
  • Clean and tidy warehouse layout
  • Optimum use of the existing storage racks
  • 10-year warranty


Logistics providers and warehouse managers are under increasing pressure to streamline processes. They constantly create and deploy lean warehousing strategies to maximize efficiency and offer just-in-time delivery. The orders must be shipped out quickly, safely and with reduced costs. In these conditions, the storage area should be clean, tidy and easy to access. But in many companies, small and slow-moving items are strewn in the facility wherever any shelf space is available. This organizing method makes them hard to find. The operators must use much time to identify and pick them up.

Storeganizer is a lean warehousing storage system. Specifically designed for storage areas, it improves ergonomics and substantially saves pick-time and all related costs. It allows the order pickers to decrease their walking distances when retrieving products. Consequently, the picking time reduces, and they fulfill more orders in the same time frame. As each item is assigned to its slot, the picking takes place with maximum accuracy.

Storeganizer is uniquely suited for each application to create extra storage space and use it immediately. The previous disorder turns into neat rows of barcoded or coloured pocket columns filled with products. All slots are easy-to-reach and deploy. In most applications, the products are collected from the front side of the shelves, while the back areas remain unused. With our industrial suspended racks, you can access the rear pockets with a gentle push that rolls the front columns aside.

The textile pockets accommodate small items, either loose or packed in bags and boxes. They are particularly suitable for medium or lower inbound and outbound frequency. The applications may include parts and accessories such as electronic components, door hinges, brackets, clamps and bags of screws, bolts and gaskets. Inside the slots, you can also store books, small devices, fashion items, home décor items and food supplements.

One of the main advantages of our warehouse storage solution is that it can be an add-on to the existing metal storage racks. Therefore, it eliminates expensive rack upgrades and site expansion. It also maximizes the layout due to the high-density columns with a slim footprint.


We highly recommend Storeganizer to companies that face a considerable product range extension. It enhances the efficiency of day-to-day warehouse activities. It increases space utilization at a lower cost per square meter. The storage becomes more compact and cleaner. Also, the same space and human resources can serve more departments or customers.


Companies of various sizes use Storeganizer for:

  • Spare parts (automotive, machines, aviation)
  • 3PL (Third-party logistics) for all sectors
  • E-commerce
  • Electronics
  • Appliance
  • Books
  • Consumer goods
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Apparel
  • Footwear
  • Jewellery and accessories
  • Pet food


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