Pallet boxes

Product information

Our cardboard pallet boxes are designed to transport in a safe and economical way large quantities of goods or heavy and voluminous items. These containers consist of a pallet, a large box with multi-layered walls and a lid. The walls can be foldable (sleeve type) or individually demountable to reduce space when empty. For the reusable cardboard packaging versions, the modular structure allows an easy replacement of the missing or damaged parts.

Our pallet boxes are completely customizable in terms of sizes, weight, design and material thickness. Each component is chosen based on the requirements of the product that needs to be packed and on the transport conditions. The walls can be manufactured using a combination of corrugated and honeycomb cardboard structures to ensure strength and durability. Additional components, such as internal corrugated cardboard inserts or stacking corners , optimize the space and increase goods protection.