Angles and other pallet protection systems

Product information

The pallets are the most comfortable and effective ways for packing the dispatching items. The products stored on pallets can be easily transported on long distances, on the ground, on air or on sea and they must arrive intact at destination. To increase the stacked on pallets products stability and safety, we recommend the angles for pallets and the protections for corners and edges.

The pallet angles are extremely easy to use by fastening on pallet corners. Once mounted, the products become more stable in stack and the risk of pallet overturning during transport is significantly reduced. They also allow the pallets stacking on other pallets or on pallets frames to use efficiently the truck storage space and to reduce the transport costs. The pallet angles are easy to clean, have a long service life and create a stable, non-skid surface.

The corner protections are recommended to prevent the damages by bending and friction with cargo fastening straps. These protections are available in different dimensions and can be customized by printing your company logo or some warning signs.

Eorobox Logistics team is at your disposal for a customized offer or for any information on our pallets protection systems you need.