In the past, the pallets were manufactured only from wood, they had a relatively high weight and a reduced service life. As wood becomes dirty and is easily damaged by cracking or liquid soaking, the companies were forced to permanently invest significant sums in the purchase of pallets, products that almost never redeem their costs.

The situation changed with the advent of plastic and metallic pallets. These materials are hygienic and durable, easily cleaned, do not absorb odors and can be treated with various additives to create them specific characteristics.

Metallic or plastic pallets offer safety and efficiency in handling, transport and storage. Compared to wood, that accumulate moisture over time, plastic and metal maintain their weight over time.

Eurobox Logistics offers a full range of returnable pallets, suitable for use in all industries or fields.

    Plastic pallets

    Plastic pallets

    Pallets are a standard unit for storage and transport. Almost every company that manufactures, dispatches or sells products of any kind, needs pallets. Originally, they were manufactured only of wood, had a limited time of use and showed problems of use hygiene and safety. There are currently more resistant and hygienic alternatives, and one of these is the plastic pallets.

    Our plastic pallets range includes pallets with closed or perforated surfaces, cleanroom pallets (hygienic) for food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as ESD pallets for the electronics industry.

    They are available both in standard and special dimensions. They can also be equipped with feet for nesting or rails for handling with forklifts, edges and stoppers for product stability, anti-slip surfaces or metallic reinforcement for heavy loads.

    All of the pallet variants are shown in our site pages. If you like special or customized designs of the base variants, please contact us by email or phone for detailed discussions.

    ArticleBase (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)Maximum static load (kg)Maximum dynamic load (kg)Maximum load on rack (kg)
    Display Pallet UPAL-D 33-8060M-0-0133-8060M-0-01800 x 6001505,92000500400View product
    Cleanroom pallet UPAL-H 33-8060-63233-8060-632800 x 60016093000750500View product
    Cleanroom pallet UPAL-H 33-8060-63033-8060-630800 x 60016093000750500View product
    Heavy Pallet UPAL-I 33-604 R33-604 R1200 x 8001501840001000500View product
    Plastic Pallet UPAL-U 33-1208M-02-0033-1208M-02-001200 x 8001501460001500500View product
    Reinforced Plastic Pallet UPAL-U 33-1208M-42-0033-1208M-42-001200 x 80015016,460001500500View product
    Reinforced Cleanroom Pallet UPAL-H 33-1208N-630-0000 R33-1208N-630-0000 R1200 x 80016015,560001500500View product
    Cleanroom Pallet UPAL-H 33-1208N-642-0000 R33-1208N-642-0000 R1200 x 80016015,560001500500View product
    Cleanroom Pallet UPAL-H 33-1208N-643-0100 R33-1208N-643-0100 R1200 x 8001601860001500500View product
    Reinforced Cleanroom Pallet UPAL-H 33-1208N-643-050033-1208N-643-05001200 x 80016018,5750015001300View product
    Heavy Pallet UPAL-I 33-661 R33-661 R1200 x 100015017,350001000500View product
    Heavy Pallet UPAL-I 33-661-35 R33-661-35 R1200 x 1000150500050001000500View product
    Cleanroom pallet UPAL-H 33-1210-630-R33-1210-630 R1200 x 100016022,560001500500View product
    Reinforced Cleanroom Pallet UPAL-H 33-1210-634 R33-1210-634 R1200 x 100016026750015001300View product
    Reinforced Cleanroom Pallet UPAL-H 33-1210-64333-1210-6431200 x 100016026750015001300View product
    Metallic pallets

    Metallic pallets

    Metallic pallets are recommended for stacking, handling and transport of heavy cargo in safe conditions. These pallets have become a standard in the automotive industry, both for storing tires of different sizes and for numerous car parts. Metallic pallets can also be used as a display in stores due to the minimalist design and metallic, hygienic appearance.

    The main benefits of metallic pallets:

    • Are resistant to intensive and prolonged use;
    • Can bear static loads up to 18,000 kg and dynamic loads up to 4,500 kg;
    • Are 100% recyclable;
    • Are easy to clean;
    • Are resistant to fire.
    ArticleBase (mm)Height (mm)Maximum dynamic load (kg)Maximum load on rack (kg)Maximum static load (kg)
    Metallic Pallet with foldable stacking rods PM 11200800955-41PM 11200800955-411200 x 80095515001000N.A.View product
    Metallic Pallet PM 11005605165-20PM 11005605165-201005 x 605165100010002000View product
    Metallic Pallet PM 11200800140-21PM 11200800140-211200 x 800140200015008000View product
    Metallic Pallet with foldable stacking rods PM 11200800485-41PM 11200800485-411200 x 80048515001000N.A.View product
    Metallic Pallet PM 112001000140-21PM 112001000140-211200 x 1000140150012008000View product
    Metallic Pallet PM 112001000165-40PM 112001000165-401200 x 1000165100010005240View product
    Metallic Pallet PM 112001000165-41PM 112001000165-411200 x 1000165100010005240View product
    Metallic Pallet PM 112001200140-31PM 112001200140-311200 x 12001402500200010000View product
    Dolly adapter pallet

    Dolly adapter pallet

    Everything is easier on wheels, including cargo handling within the companies where the supply flow rate is a basic requirement. For everything to go smoothly in your business, you need dolly adapter pallet.

    The main benefit brought by the dolly adapter pallet is streamlining the activity of goods handling, loading/unloading and sorting. By grouping the containers and boxes on the dollies and then on the pallet adapter, the duration of handling is reduced and the space is used more efficiently.

    The adapter pallets provide an excellent stability to the load and they have a simple design for ease of use.

    Eurobox Logistics offers efficient models of dolly adapter pallets, made to the highest quality standards.

    ArticleBase (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)
    Dolly adapter pallet PA 01PA 011200 x 80012625View product
    Dolly adapter pallet PA 02PA 021200 x 80012051View product
    Dolly adapter pallet PA 03PA 031200 x 80012451,5View product