Corrugated carton boards

Product information

Corrugated cardboard is a customizable material with high durability and flexibility. Its structure – made of up to 7 layers of material – provides advanced features of mechanical stress, which make it suitable for designing a large variety of handling and transport packaging.

These carton boards comprise two basic elements in the form of an inner wavy sheet covered on the entire surface with a flat layer. The side ply can be a kraft or a test liner, which are paper plies containing different percent of virgin and recycled material. With a low recycled fiber content, kraft liner offers higher strength and moisture resistance for the outer and intermediate flat layers.

In the middle, the corrugated sheet takes over the weight and absorbs the energy with the multiple arcs from its structure. Depending on the application, the boards can be single, double or triple fluted, always combining liner boards and waved boards one after another to add strength. Thus, the triple fluted panels – containing three layers of corrugated sheets within four sheets of linerboards – are highly suitable for safe packaging and heavy duty transport containers.

The size of the arch in the fluting can also be selected for different applications. The larger (A, C, K types) and medium (B type) flutes provide more strength and cushioning while the smaller ones (E, F, G, N types) offer a better printability and fold ability.