VDA KLT stackable plastic containers

    VDA-C-KLT containers

    VDA-C-KLT containers

    C-KLT containers are characterized by strength, due to the fully reinforced base but reduced on the outer edges to allow stacking. Also, their walls are double for additional strength. C-KLT containers are generally used in the automotive industry and handling can be both automatic due to numerous gripping points as well as manual because they are fitted with ergonomic handles. For better product protection, these boxes can be provided with internal separators, thermoformed trays, sponge layers that protect the products during transport, and so on.

    ArticleBase (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)Maximum stack weight (kg)
    Plastic container VDA-C-KLT 40-43144314400 x 3001471,6600View product
    Plastic container VDA-C-KLT 40-32143214300 x 2001470,7600View product
    plastic containers VDA C-KLT 32173217300 x 2001740,8600View product
    Plastic container VDA-C-KLT 40-43174317400 x 3001741,9600View product
    Plastic container VDA-C-KLT 40-43214321400 x 3002132600View product
    Plastic container VDA-C-KLT 40-43284328400 x 3002802,6600View product
    Plastic container VDA-C-KLT 40-64146414600 x 4001472,8600View product
    Plastic container VDA-C-KLT 40-64176417600 x 4001743600View product
    Plastic container VDA-C-KLT 40-64216421600 x 4002133,7600View product
    Plastic container VDA-C-KLT 40-64286428600 x 4002804,4600View product
    VDA-C-KLT lids

    VDA-C-KLT lids

    VDA-C-KLT lids are produced according to VDA 4500 standard and complete the robustness and durability that the corresponding crates are ensuring.

    Each dimension has a different top structure and all of them are provided with carvings to facilitates handling and stacking.

    Their design and dimensions do not influence the stacking height of the containers.

    ArticleDimensions (mm)
    VDA-C-KLT D-32 lid for VDA-C-KLT containers or boxesD-32300 x 200 View product
    VDA-C-KLT D-43 lid for VDA-C-KLT containers/boxes/cratesD-43400 x 300 View product
    VDA-C-KLT D-64 lid for VDA-C-KLT containers/boxes/crateD-64600 x 400 View product
    VDA-M-KLT containers

    VDA-M-KLT containers

    M KLT containers are also known as Daimler medium containers because this model has been specially created for the company with the same name and over time it has become a landmark in the automotive industry. M KLT containers are ideal for handling parts and components inside the assembly facilities. The base and walls of this container are reinforced for extra strength and the available base sizes are slightly different from the standard, namely: 600×500 mm or 1000×600 mm. They can be provided with lids that are of 5 types for the 2 available sizes of bases.

    ArticleBase (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)
    Plastic container VDA-M-KLT 40-1060-094-06050-094-0600 x 500942,3View product
    Plastic container VDA-M-KLT 40-1060-128-06050-128-0600 x 5001282,6View product
    Plastic container VDA-M-KLT 40-1060-147-06050-147-0600 x 5001472,8View product
    Plastic container VDA-M-KLT 40-1060-114-06050-114-0600 x 5001142,5View product
    Plastic container VDA-M-KLT 40-1060-174-06050-174-0600 x 5001743,2View product
    Plastic container VDA-M-KLT 40-1060-213-06050-213-0600 x 5002133,5View product
    Plastic container VDA-M-KLT 40-1060-280-06050-280-0600 x 5002804,2View product
    Plastic container VDA-M-KLT 40-1060-315-06050-315-0600 x 5003154,4View product
    Plastic container VDA-M-KLT 40-1060-335-06050-335-0600 x 5003354,6View product
    Plastic container VDA-M-KLT 40-1060-415-06050-415-0600 x 5004155,6View product
    Plastic container VDA-M-KLT 40-6050-094-01060-094-01000 x 600944,2View product
    Plastic container VDA-M-KLT 40-6050-114-01060-114-01000 x 6001144,4View product
    Plastic container VDA-M-KLT 40-6050-128-01060-128-01000 x 6001284,8View product
    Plastic container VDA-M-KLT 40-6050-147-01060-147-01000 x 6001475,1View product
    Plastic container VDA-M-KLT 40-6050-174-01060-174-01000 x 6001745,4View product
    Plastic container VDA-M-KLT 40-6050-213-01060-213-01000 x 6002135,8View product
    Plastic container VDA-M-KLT 40-6050-280-01060-280-01000 x 6002806,8View product
    Plastic container VDA-M-KLT 40-6050-315-01060-315-01000 x 6003157,3View product
    Plastic container VDA-M-KLT 40-6050-335-01060-335-01000 x 6003357,5View product
    Plastic container VDA-M-KLT 40-6050-415-01060-415-01000 x 6004158,7View product
    VDA-R-KLT containers

    VDA-R-KLT containers

    With a resistant structure, yet light weight, the containers VDA-R-KLT type is the standard in the German automotive industry for handling automotive parts and components within the assembly facilities. These boxes are also preferred by the companies with a high degree of automation of the packaging, handling and cargo loading/unloading processes.

    VDA R-KLT containers are provided with ample space for label holder on all vertical walls, facilitating at maximum the identification and the inventory of the products they contain. They can also be manufactured by ESD material to be used in the electronics industry.

    ArticleBase (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)Useful internal height (mm)Maximum stack weight (kg)Material
    Container VDA-R-KLT 43184318400 x 3001741,4136600PPView product
    Container VDA-R-KLT 43224322400 x 3002131,6191600PPView product
    Container VDA-R-KLT 32153215300 x 2001470,6129600PPView product
    Container VDA-R-KLT 43154315400 x 3001471,3109600PPView product
    Container VDA-R-KLT 43294329400 x 3002801,9242600PPView product
    Container VDA-R-KLT 64156415600 x 4001472,2109600PPView product
    Container VDA-R-KLT 64186418600 x 4001742,3136600PPView product
    Container VDA-R-KLT 64296429600 x 4002803,0242600PPView product
    Container VDA-R-KLT 64226422600 x 4002132,5191600PPView product
    VDA-R-KLT lids

    VDA-R-KLT lids

    VDA-R-KLT lids are produced according to VDA 4500 standard and match the base design of the crates. Thus, the smallest lid is provided with a smooth surface while the lids in the rest of the dimensions are designed with ribbed surfaces, for a secured stacking.

    These lids can be replaced with RAKO lids in the respective dimensions.

    ArticleDimensions (mm)
    VDA-R-KLT D 39 lid for containers/crates/boxesD 39300 x 200 View product
    VDA-R-KLT D 49 lid for containers/boxes/cratesD 49400 x 300View product
    VDA-R-KLT D 69 lid for containers/boxes/cratesD 69600 x 400View product
    VDA-RL-KLT containers

    VDA-RL-KLT containers

    RL-KLT range of the VDA boxes is realized with a simpler design and is suitable for medium loads. The smooth base and the reduced tare weight recommend VDA-RL-KLT boxes for transport and movement of small parts inside the factories and the assembly lines.

    ArticleBase (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)Useful internal height (mm)Maximum stack weight (kg)Material
    Container VDA-RL-KLT 31473147300 x 2001470,6129600PPView product
    Plastic Container VDA-RL-KLT 41744174400 x 3001741,2156600PPView product
    Plastic Container VDA-RL-KLT 41474147400 x 3001471,1129600PPView product
    Plastic Container VDA-RL-KLT 42134213400 x 3002131,4191600PPView product
    Plastic Container VDA-RL-KLT 42804280400 x 3002801,7262600PPView product
    Plastic Container VDA-RL-KLT 61476147600 x 4001471,8129600PPView product
    Plastic Container VDA-RL-KLT 61746174600 x 4001741,8156600PPView product
    Plastic Container VDA-RL-KLT 62136213600 x 4002132,1196600PPView product
    Plastic Container VDA-RL-KLT 62806280600 x 4002802,7262600PPView product
    Plastic Container VDA-RL-KLT 86088608800 x 600801,562600PPView product
    Plastic Container VDA-RL-KLT 86128612800 x 6001203,1102600PPView product
    Plastic Container VDA-RL-KLT 86178617800 x 6001743,4159600PPView product
    Plastic Container VDA-RL-KLT 86228622800 x 6002204.1209600PPView product
    Plastic Container VDA-RL-KLT 86288628800 x 6002804.8261600PPView product
    VDA-RL-KLT lid

    VDA-RL-KLT lid

    Produced according to VDA 4500 standard, VDA-RL-KLT lid has some similarities with the VDA-R-KLT lids. The smallest lid in the range is provided with a smooth surface and with handles to ensure easy operation, while the rest of the lids are designed with ribbed surfaces.

    These lids can be replaced with RAKO lids in the respective dimensions.

    ArticleDimensions (mm)
    VDA-RL-KLT D 35 lid for containers/boxes/cratesD 35300 x 200View product
    VDA-RL-KLT D 45 lid for containers/boxes/cratesD 45400 x 300View product
    VDA-RL-KLT D 65 lid for containers/boxes/cratesD 65600 x 400 View product
    VDA-KLT foldable crates

    VDA-KLT foldable crates

    Like VDA-R-KLT and VDA-RL-KLT boxes, the foldable model (measuring 600x400x280 mm) is recommended particularly for the automotive industry. It is the standard model approved by the VDA German Association and used throughout the entire logistic loop of the automotive industry in Germany.

    The foldable variant of VDA-KLT crates is an ideal choice if you want to save storage space without sacrificing the benefits of a reliable packaging, tested and internationally approved.

    ArticleBase (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)Maximum stack weight (kg)
    VDA Foldable Crate 64106410600 x 4002803,4250View product