Rigid pallet boxes

Safety, hygiene and prolonged use are the main characteristics of the rigid pallet boxes. They are the choice of the manufacturing companies, but also of those with cargo warehouses as they offer a compact volume and high loading capacity.

    Rigid pallet boxes

    Rigid pallet boxes

    Despite the considerable dimensions, the rigid pallet boxes are easy to handle with stacking equipment. Standard dimensions help to optimize the use of space in the truck and to improve the logistical processes automation.

    On demand, we can provide rigid pallet boxes of special dimensions, for activities involving long or bulky products.

    ArticleBase (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)Loading capacity (kg)Maximum stack weight (kg)
    Rigid Pallet Box 58-1090-CT658-1090-CT61200 x 800600285003000View product
    Rigid Pallet Box 58-1089-CT658-1089-CT61200 x 800780325003000View product
    Rigid Pallet Box Containers 3-622-2003-622-2001200 x 1000765445004000View product
    Rigid Pallet Box Containers 3-622-3003-622-3001200 x 100076548 kg6004000View product
    Rigid Pallet Box Containers 3-622-2013-622-2011200 x 100076542,55004000View product
    Rigid Pallet Box Containers 3-624-1003-624-1001200 x 100077535,55003000View product
    Rigid Pallet Box 3-624-2023-624-2021200 x 100077537,55003000View product
    Rigid Pallet Box 3-624-2003-624-2001200 x 1000775395003000View product
    Rigid Pallet Box 3-624-4003-624-4001200 x 100080735,95005000View product
    Rigid pallet boxes lids for plastic containers or crates

    Rigid pallet boxes lids

    The content of the rigid pallet boxes can be protected from dust and other impurities by using high-quality slip lids.

    These lids are strong yet light enough to allow easy removal when necessary.

    Their design enhances the stability of the containers while being stacked.

    ArticleDimensions (mm)
    Loose lid 60-622-0 for rigid pallet boxes/containers60-622-01204 x 1004 x 70View product
    Loose lid 20-2110-1 for rigid pallet boxes/containers20-2110-11220 x 1020 x 48 View product