Electrically conductive systems (ESD)

The electronic industry provides parts and components of critical importance for most appliances, tools and equipment that we use every day. These parts control the good operation of the television sets, mobile phones, cars and industrial equipment performing complex operations.

To prevent their damage and malfunction, a particular attention is paid to how the electronic components are packed, stored and dispatched.

The main risk that electronic equipment is subjected during handling and transport is represented by electrostatic discharge. Therefore, it was created and diversified a special range of packaging products: electrically conductive systems (ESD). These products, from dividers and holders for electronic boards, to boxes and transport dollies are manufactured from materials that prevent the occurrence of electrostatic discharge phenomena.

Eurobox Logistics offers a full range of packaging made of ESD materials and can customize also numerous packaging of standard range to be compatible with your company’s products.

  • Guiding systems for printed circuit boards (PCB)

    Guiding systems for printed circuit boards (PCB)

    The guiding systems help you pack the printed circuit boards safely and effectively, grouping together a great number of boards on a single guiding system.

  • SMD coil holders

    SMD coil holders

    The SMD coil holders are designed to be inserted inside the ESD standard containers. Provided with various inserts, they keep the coils of different dimensions in a fixed position.

  • ESD dividers

    ESD dividers

    For efficient organization of electronic parts in boxes and containers, you need ESD material dividers. These protect the products against electrostatic discharge and they can be inserted lengthwise or widthwise, making a great number of configurations to efficiently store the electronic components.

  • ESD foam

    ESD foam

    ESD dividers and foam inserts provide a maximum protection of the transported products. These are used for electronic parts to be additionally protected against scratches and shocks, or to be maintained in a specific position.

  • ESD protection foil

    ESD protection foil

    Air bags foils are an innovative and easy to use product for sensitive goods. ESD version offers maximum protection to electronic parts and components, protecting them against shocks, including during transport in difficult conditions.

  • ESD bags

    ESD bags

    ESD bags are the easiest and most effective way to protect the integrated circuit boards and other products of this type against electric discharges, dust and moisture. These bags can be antistatic, conductive or metallic filigree to dissipate any electric discharges.

  • ESD technical mats

    ESD technical mats

    ESD technical mats are extremely useful in areas where the parts and electronic instruments are produced, packaged and handled.