Silafix storage box

Keeping the small parts in an orderly manner is a challenge for any company. Either it is about screws, nuts or complex components for the automotive industry and precision mechanics, all these products need boxes that allow the operators to easily identify them and pick them.

    Silafix storage box

    Silafix storage box

    Our Silafix boxes range ensures the parts storage in the dedicated space and facilitates their inventory. Their special design, front half-open, allows manual access without impacting the product safety.

    Storage boxes can be provided with transparent lid for dust protection. The Silafix range also allows placing several types of products in the same box, using inner trays or boxes.

    ArticleBase (mm)Height (mm)
    Silafix Storage Box 3-366N-03-366N-0170x 10277.5View product
    Silafix Storage Box 3-3863-386170 x 10278View product
    Silafix Storage Box 3-3853-385230 x 147123View product
    Silafix Storage Box 3-365N-03-365N-0230 x 147132View product
    Silafix Storage Box 3-3673-36790 x 10254View product
    Silafix Storage Box 3-3643-364350 x 210145View product
    Silafix Storage Box 3-3843-384350 x 210150View product
    Silafix Storage Box 3-3633-363350 x 210200View product
    Silafix Storage Box 3-3613-361500 x 310145View product
    Silafix Storage Box 3-3603-360500 x 310200View product
    SILAFIX lids

    SILAFIX lids

    Silafix lids protect the small components from dust and other impurities. Their transparent material allows visual identification of the content.

    When the crates are stacked, the hand access carving can be covered with a dust flap. In this way, only the upper crate needs a lid for a complete cover.

    ArticleDimensions (mm)
    3-374 lid for SILAFIX containers/boxes/crates3-374170 x 102View product
    SILAFIX 3-373 lid for plastic containers/boxes/crates3-373230 x 147View product
    SILAFIX 3-371 lid for plastic containers/boxes/crates3-371350 x 210View product
    SILAFIX 3-372 lid for plastic containers/boxes/crates3-372350 x 210View product
    SILAFIX 3-368 lid for plastic containers/boxes/crates3-368500 x 310View product