Galia plastic boxes

    Galia plastic boxes

    Galia plastic boxes

    Galia boxes are manufactured under Odette standard certification to meet the automatic handling requirements of the automotive industry in France. They have a sturdy construction and compact dimensions, giving an efficient ratio between the products packaged and the occupied space.

    Galia boxes are used to transport the automotive parts from the manufacturing factory to the assembly line and for handling within the production facilities. They are provided with integrated label holder on one length and one width to facilitate the identification of contents.

    ArticleBase (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)Maximum stack weight (kg)
    galia plastic boxes or container 32123212297 x 1971140,61000View product
    galia plastic boxes or container 43124312396 x 2971140,931000View product
    galia plastic boxes or container 43224322396 x 2972141,441000View product
    galia plastic boxes or container 64226422594 x 3962142,361000View product
    galia plastic boxes or container 64326432594 x 3963143,01000View product
    Galia lids

    Galia lids

    Galia lids are available in the same design for all crate dimensions. Their brown color visually matches and at the same time distinguishes from the colors of the Galia crates.

    The simple design is completed by functionality as 4 small clamping points (one on each length and width) facilitate stacking and handling.

    Apart from the lids for the crates, there are available also matching lids for the pallets of Galia crates.

    ArticleDimensions (mm)
    41-32 lid for Galia containers/boxes/crates41-32300 x 200 View product
    41-43 lid for Galia containers/boxes/crates41-43400 x 300 View product
    41-64 lid for Galia containers/boxes/crates41-64600 x 400 View product
    Lid for pallets of Galia crates/boxes/containers 53-0121053-012101218 x 1017 View product