Stackable boxes

Stackable boxes are found in all fields of industry as packaging for parts, raw materials, finished products and components of all kinds. They are preferred by companies because they are durable and easy to maintain.

Being of lightweight, they can be easily handled in warehouses, workspaces or at place of discharge. In addition, their rectangular structure allow the creation of stable stacks and protect the goods, significantly reducing losses due to product damage during transport.

    RAKO eurocontainers

    RAKO eurocontainers

    RAKO eurocontainers allow hundreds of model combinations of walls, bases and handles to satisfy the most diverse uses. They are suitable both for manual handling and an automatic one.

    With multiple uses, RAKO eurocontainers are extremely useful in any activity, from manufacturing and retail, to storage and logistics. Eurobox Logistics provides you with a variety of dimensions and loading capacities, suitable for all the needs of our customers.

    ArticleBase (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)Maximum stack weight (kg)
    RAKO Container 3-217Z-03-217Z-0300 x 200650,240View product
    RAKO Container 3-206Z-03-206Z-0300 x 2001170,3200View product
    RAKO container 3-210-03-210-0300 x 2002200,7100View product
    RAKO Container 3-211Z-03-211Z-0400 x 300650,5150View product
    RAKO Container 3-203Z-03-203Z-0400 x 3001170,8500View product
    RAKO Container 3-4313N-533-4313N-53400 x 3001450,9400View product
    RAKO Container 3-207Z-03-207Z-0400 x 3001700,9350View product
    RAKO Container 3-204Z-03-204Z-0400 x 3002201,2400View product
    RAKO container 3-237-03-237-0200 x 1501170,2200View product
    RAKO Container 3-212Z-03-212Z-0400 x 3002701,3400View product
    RAKO Container 3-205Z-03-205Z-0400 x 3003231,5400View product
    RAKO Container 3-305Z-03-305Z-0400 x 3003231,5400View product
    RAKO container 38-1927-038-1927-0400 x 400701,2100View product
    RAKO container 38-1928-038-1928-0400 x 4001201,3100View product
    RAKO container 38-1932-038-1932-0400 x 4002201,8100View product
    RAKO container 38-1934-1038-1934-10400 x 4002701,7100View product
    RAKO container 38-1934-538-1934-5400 x 4002701,7100View product
    RAKO container 101-6222-1101-6222-1600 x 2002201,4100View product
    RAKO Container 3-308Z-323-308Z-32600 x 4001701,5300View product
    RAKO container 3-227-03-227-0600 x 400751,2500View product
    RAKO Container 3-200Z-03-200Z-0600 x 4001171,3500View product
    RAKO Container 3-6413N-1863-6413N-186600 x 4001471,7400View product
    RAKO Container 3-208Z-03-208Z-0600 x 4001701,5500View product
    RAKO Container 3-301Z-03-301Z-0600 x 4002202,1500View product
    RAKO Container 3-201Z-03-201Z-0600 x 4002202,1500View product
    RAKO Container 3-6426N-13-6426N-1600 x 4002782,7500View product
    RAKO Container 3-302Z-323-302Z-32600 x 4003232,4400View product
    RAKO Container 3-302Z-03-302Z-0600 x 4003232,7400View product
    RAKO Container 3-202Z-03-202Z-0600 x 4003232,7400View product
    RAKO container 3-6439-133-6439-13600 x 4004103,9400View product
    RAKO container 3-6439-383-6439-38600 x 4004103,9300View product
    RAKO Container 3-209Z-03-209Z-0600 x 4004253,5400View product
    RAKO Container 3-309Z-03-309Z-0600 x 4004253,5300View product
    RAKO Container 3-222U-723-222U-72800 x 6001173,3800View product
    RAKO Container 3-221Z-723-221Z-72800 x 6002204,4800View product
    RAKO Container 3-221Z-72-V3-221Z-72-V800 x 6002204,4800View product
    RAKO Container 3-220Z-723-220Z-72800 x 6003235,9600View product
    RAKO Container 3-219U-723-219U-72800 x 6004257,1600View product
    Rako lids

    RAKO lids

    RAKO lids comprise a series of lids with different designs and functionality. Loose and slip lids are recommended for anti-dust applications, while hinged lids with snap locks provide more advanced protection to the content.

    Some of the RAKO lids are also designed with notches for strapping belts, for increased security of the products inside.

    ArticleDimensions (mm)
    Hinged lid 3-944-1 for RAKO container/boxes/crate3-944-1200 x 150 View product
    Loose lid 3-215Z-0 for RAKO containers/boxes/crates3-215Z-0300 x 200View product
    Hinged lid 3-215Z-1-11 for RAKO containers/boxes/crates3-215Z-1-11300 x 200 View product
    Loose lid 3-214Z-0 for RAKO containers/boxes/crates3-214Z-0400 x 300View product
    Hinged lid 3-214Z-1-255-11 for RAKO containers/boxes/crates3-214Z-1-255-11400 x 300 View product
    Hinged lid 3-214Z-1-11 for RAKO containers/boxes/crates3-214Z-1-11400 x 300 View product
    Hook-in lid 3-214Z-2-11 for RAKO containers/boxes/crates3-214Z-2-11400 x 300 View product
    Hinged lid 38-1966-1 for RAKO containers/boxes/crates38-1966-1400 x 400View product
    Hook-in lid 3-213Z-2-11 for RAKO containers/boxes/crates3-213Z-2-11600 x 400 View product
    Hinged lid 3-213Z-1-255-11 for RAKO containers/boxes/crates3-213Z-1-255-11600 x 400View product
    Hinged lid 3-213Z-1-11 for RAKO containers/boxes/crates3-213Z-1-11600 x 400View product
    Loose lid 3-213Z-0 for RAKO containers/boxes/crates3-213Z-0600 x 400 View product
    Slip lid 3-223U-0 for RAKO containers/boxes/crates3-223U-0810 x 610 x 28 View product
    EUROTEC eurocontainers

    EUROTEC eurocontainers

    The design with numerous catching points is ideal for using the EUROTEC containers in automated stacking/storing systems, on conveyor belts and for a robotic handling. All EUROTEC models have horizontal and vertical catching points, grooves for traction at the bottom and clamping sleeve. They are also provided with label holders for the fast identification of the content.

    Eurobox Logistics recommends this type of Eurocontainer to all the customers that operate in automated production facilities and warehouses. EUROTEC is a solid and reliable container, resistant to heavy and repeated use. Due to the standardized dimensions, the goods packaged in EUROTEC eurocontainer are easily stacked and packed on pallets to be shipped.

    ArticleBase (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)Maximum stack weight (kg)
    EUROTEC container 5-2112-115-2112-11195 x 1451200,2100View product
    EUROTEC container 5-3212-115-3212-11300 x 2001200,4200View product
    EUROTEC container 5-4308-05-4308-0400 x 300800,75400View product
    EUROTEC container 5-4312-35-4312-3400 x 3001200,9500View product
    EUROTEC container 5-4317-35-4317-3400 x 3001701,2500View product
    EUROTEC container 5-4322-3035-4322-303400 x 3002201,3500View product
    EUROTEC container 5-6408-5245-6408-524600 x 400801,1500View product
    EUROTEC container 5-6412N-35-6412N-3600 x 4001201,5400View product
    EUROTEC container 15-6415-015-6415-0600 x 4001501,5500View product
    EUROTEC container 5-6417N-35-6417N-3600 x 4001701,7500View product
    EUROTEC container 15-6420-015-6420-0600 x 4002002,1500View product
    EUROTEC container 5-6422N-35-6422N-3600 x 4002202,2500View product
    EUROTEC container 5-6427N-35-6427N-3600 x 4002652,5400View product
    EUROTEC container 5-6427N-825-6427N-82600 x 4002682,8400View product
    EUROTEC container 15-6427-015-6427-0600 x 4002702,5400View product
    EUROTEC container 15-6428-015-6428-0600 x 4002802,5400View product
    EUROTEC container 5-6432N-35-6432N-3600 x 4003202,9400View product
    EUROTEC container 5-6442-75-6442-7600 x 4004203,6400View product
    EUROTEC lids

    EUROTEC lids

    EUROTEC lids are equipped with notches for strapping belts, to allow even more safe and durable content protection.

    Besides EUROTEC crates, some of these lids fit also other crate ranges such as RAKO or NESCO.

    They can also be produced in other colors upon request.

    More lids for EUROTEC containers can be found in RAKO lids range.

    ArticleDimensions (mm)
    Slip lid 3-925-5 for EUROTEC containers/boxes/crates3-925-5608 x 408 x 43 View product
    POOLBOX stackable distribution boxes

    POOLBOX stackable distribution boxes

    POOLBOX stackable distribution boxes have been developed in collaboration with Swiss Post specifically for sending parcels. They are ideal for postal and courier services due to the solid walls and smooth base design. They are provided with a removable lid fastened through a “snap-lock” system to protect the items stored inside during transport.

    POOLBOX stackable distribution boxes are available in standard dimensions, which allow you to carry out palletized groups for shipping. These allow the effectively use of the space in the transport truck and you will optimize the shipping costs.

    ArticleBase (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)Maximum stack weight (kg)
    poolbox stackable distribution boxes 39-2043-120-20039-2043-120-200400 x 3061201,00200View product
    POOLBOX Shipping Box 39-1215-120-10039-1215-120-100200 x 1501200,20100View product
    POOLBOX Shipping Box 39-2032-120-10039-2032-120-100300 x 2001200,60200View product
    POOLBOX Shipping Box 39-2032-170-10039-2032-170-100300 x 2001700,80200View product
    poolbox stackable distribution boxes 39-2043-120-10039-2043-120-100400 x 3061201,00200View product
    ArticleBase (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)Maximum stack weight (kg)
    RAKO container 3-6453-133-6453-13600 x 4005445400View product