EUROTEC container 5-4312-3

Product information

  • reinforced base;
  • solid walls;
  • closed handles on all sides;
  • integrated label holder;
  • designed with many catching points, to facilitate the work of manufacturing robotic systems;
  • due to compatibility with all standard EURO sizes, these containers are easily grouped on pallets, thus having an accurate record of the quantity of goods shipped;
  • ideal for use in automated manufacturing systems with conveyor belts;
  • it provides the ability to attach a lid for maximum safety of transportable products;
  • optionally, this model is available with double base for an increased strength.

Technical specifications


External dimensions: 400 x 300 x 120 mm
Internal dimensions: 365 x 265 x 105 mm
Usable internal height: 93 mm

Data sheet

FMC_19_Data sheet-Eurotec-Container-5-4312-3.pdf


Volume: 10.0 l
Weight: 0.9 kg; +/- 2% tolerance
Maximum stack weight *: 500 kg
Resistance to temperatures: between +80 and -20 °C
Material: PP
Color: blue