Metallic containers

Metallic containers are the ideal choice for the companies that need reliable and durable packaging for heavy or bulky loads. These may include car components, manufactory products or other wholesale goods.

Metallic containers can be equipped with wheels facilitating their rapid movement within the work space or from the warehouse to the loading point.

Metallic containers can also be fitted with interior dividers that allow product placement so that the container storage space to be used to the maximum.

In addition, the containers are available in rigid and foldable versions, to allow you to choose the packaging that fit your needs.

    Rigid metallic containers

    Rigid metallic containers

    Valuable or bulky products will reach their destination in the best conditions if they are protected inside of the rigid metallic containers.

    These are the most resistant cargo transport containers on the market and help you to achieve great time savings by frequently reusing them and by eliminating the additional packaging protection costs.

    ArticleBase (mm)Height (mm)Useful internal height (mm)Maximum stack weight (kg)Maximum dynamic load (kg)
    Metallic Container CM 4800600600-10CM 4800600600-10800 x 60060050050001000View product
    Metallic Container CM 41000600600-11CM 41000600600-111000 x 60060050075001500View product
    Metallic Container CM 4800600600-11CM 4800600600-11800 x 60060050075001000View product
    Metallic Container CM 41000800600-11CM 41000800600-111000 x 80060050075001500View product
    Metallic Container CM 41000800600-10CM 41000800600-101000 x 80060050050001000View product
    Metallic Container CM 41200800600-11CM 41200800600-111200 x 80060050075001500View product
    Metallic Container CM 41200800600-10CM 41200800600-101200 x 80060050050001000View product
    Metallic Container CM 412001000600-12CM 412001000600-121200 x 100060050050001000View product
    Metallic Container CM 412001000600-11CM 412001000600-111200 x 100060050075001500View product
    Foldable metallic containers

    Foldable metallic containers

    Foldable metallic containers maximize the space and reduce logistics costs. Their folding is performed with a space saving up to 85% at return transport and when storage.

    Like rigid containers, these types of containers provide good protection to goods of atypical dimensions or weights and can be provided with different partitioning systems to effectively use the available space.

    Foldable metallic containers have a compact structure and are easy to handle, which facilitates their loading/unloading.

    ArticleBase (mm)Height (mm)Maximum stack weight (kg)Maximum dynamic load (kg)
    Foldable Metallic Container CM 11200800970-32CM 11200800970-321200 x 80097060001500View product
    Foldable Metallic Container CM 412001000970-32CM 412001000970-321200 x 100097060001500View product
    Foldable Metallic Container CM 41240835970-32CM 41240835970-321240 x 83597060001500View product
    Retention trays

    Retention trays

    Retention trays are an essential accessory in the companies that handle and store oily, chemical, flammable or contaminant substances.

    These trays fitted with grids, ensure safe collection of leakage of any kind, preventing floor contamination. By using these trays, you will also create a safer work environment for your employees.

    Eurobox Logistics offers adapted retention trays for cylinders and tanks with high loading capacity, but also for other applications. The trays are resistant, are treated with special powder paint and can be handled safely.

    ArticleBase (mm)Height (mm)
    Retention Tray 31200800360-1131200800360-111200 x800360View product