UN certified packaging for dangerous goods

Product information

Dangerous goods are including materials and products that are or can become explosive, flammable and radioactive under certain circumstances. These can put at risk beings, buildings, goods, transport means and the environment.   

Storing and shipping dangerous goods must fulfill the safety level underlined by the recommendations of UN Model Regulations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods. These universal recommendations contain classification, packing, marking and labelling principles for a safe shipment. 

The UN recommendations can be found in all international agreements and national laws based on which are being issued the necessary packaging certificates for dangerous goods. These certificates, issued under accreditation, are universally accepted and bear the UN marking sign. 

Our UN certified plastic containers for dangerous goods are authorized according to Hazardous Goods Ordinance – Road, Railway and Inland Waters (GGVSEB- Gefahrgutverordnung Straße, Eisenbahn und Binnenschifffahrt). This ordinance regulates in Germany the internal and international transport of dangerous goos and it is updated according to ADR (L’accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises dangereuses par route).  

Our packaging solutions for dangerous goods can be used mainly in automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, recycling industry as well as in civil protection services. Plastic boxes such as RAKO or POOLBOX GGVSEB can be used, for example, in case of packing inflators for airbags or retractors for seat belts, while plastic containers PALOXE GGVSEB can be used in case of packing batteries which contain Lithium.  

With the help of our UN certified plastic containers, producers, transporters and inspection authorities can benefit from easier transport, handling and controls as well as reduced formalities.