Product information

The straps and other similar loads fastening systems are recommended to stabilize the product stacks and the containers loaded in trucks or on transport ships.

Simple, tens or equipped with metallic carabiners, the straps offered by Eurobox Logistics are available in a various range of lengths, strengths and clamping system.

The straps can be made of various materials but the most often required by our customers are those made of polyester. The special, smooth design does not damage the boxes or containers fastened due to friction or pressing by tensioning. Thus, the straps are a safe and effective way of fastening of palletized products or of several containers in stack. Metallic carabiners, made of the best quality steel are available in various dimensions and strengths.

For a customized offer, adapted to your products, please contact Eurobox Logistics specialists by phone, email or the special form in the contact page.