Industrial vehicles (intralogistics)

Our industrial vehicles are powerful push and pull machines that move wheeled loads of up to several tons with the help of an electric engine. These are suitable for numerous types of wheeled equipment, materials, parts and components as well as for milk-run systems, industry and shopping carts, transport trolleys and roll containers.


 We have over 30 different battery operated tuggers to suit every application, from manually operated to completely automated models.

Depending on the model, the operators can conduct them by walking along (pedestrian type), standing or sitting on them (platform or scooter type) as well – in case of the AGVs – monitor and direct them from a distance.

In addition to the base machines, we can also offer you a wide range of standard and customized front part and hook configurations that make operations more efficient. Whenever we propose a solution for our customers, we allways take into the account the work environment, conditions and operating time in order to ensure that our our machines are relevant for the user’s needs and capabilities.

Most of the models are designed for both internal and outdoor use, which allows the goods to be transported anywhere in the work area.

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    Industrial vehicles for light loads

    Industrial vehicles for light loads

    The industrial vehicles for ligher loads are capable of moving transport devices with a weight of up to 1000 kg. Most of them are multipurpose industrial electric tugs, suitable for a large assortment of trolleys, roll containers, carts and waste containers.

    Some of them, like the hospital bed mover, are developed especially for dedicated applications. All models are pedestrian and make use of a tiller arm that is adjustable to fit the user’s height and thus to relieve the effort of own back and shoulders.

    With exchangeable or build-in system, the range offers the possibility to charge the batteries in a simple and easy-way, with minimum waisted time. Each machine is available with either Lithium or AGM batteries or with both technologies so the customer can choose the preffered version.

    Some of the industrial vehicles are designed completely from stainless steel and thus intended to pull loads in a hygienic environment. These are provided with closed clean-room wheels as well, to prevent dirt accumulation and to offer an easier cleaning process.

    The range comprises models with lifting system, which allows carts with 4 casters to be moved in a controlled and efortless manner by the push of a button. Using this system, the carts are sligthly lifted from one side of the frame – with the help of the electric tug legs – and thus remain supported on 2 wheels on the ground, for more stability.

    ArticleWeight (kg)Dimensions (mm)Engine power (kw)Traction capacity (kg)Speed (km/h)
    Electric tug MD1000MD100080342 x 412 x 1223Motor 300W, 24V DC1000Max. 4.5View product
    Electric tug T1000 BASICT1000-BASIC57756 x 440 x 1056DC motor 24V, 300W1000Max. 5View product
    Electric tug T1000 Clean RoomT1000 Clean Room57767 x 462 x 1055DC motor 24V, 300W1000Max. 4,7View product
    Electric tug T1000 RVST1000 RVS55920 x 438 x  750 - 958DC motor 24V, 300W1000Max. 5View product
    Electric tug T1000T100055920 x 438 x 750-985DC motor 24V, 300W1000Max. 5View product
    Electric tug BM500R-FFCBM500R-FFC129951 x 360 x 750-1200DC motor 24V, 300W500Max. 5View product
    Electric tug T1000 DT1000 D1181176 x 445 x 750-1155DC motor 24V, 300W1000Max. 5View product
    Electric tug T1000 RZT1000 RZ1561230 x 638 x 1269DC motor 24V, 300W1000Max. 3,8View product
    Electric tug T1000 PT1000-P1051278 x 423 x 950-1146DC motor 24V, 300W1000Max. 3.8View product
    Electric tug P300P3001441543 x 800 x 700–1275DC motor 24V, 300W750Max. 5 View product
    Industrial vehicles for heavy loads

    Industrial vehicles for heavy loads

    Wheeled heavy loads tend to swerve or be uncontrollable when maneuvered by operators who are using their body power. Our industrial vehicles for heavy loads enable users to safely transport the goods – even on inclined ramps or tight spaces – by only guiding them through the tiller arm or sometimes using an optional remote control. The ergonomic design guarantees the correct work posture by allowing the adjustment of the tiller to any body heigth.

    In this way, the risks and costs of replacing damaged goods are being decreased while the work safety and efficiency is being considerably improved. Moreover, the number of needed employees is being reduced for the respective job.

    The self-propelled electric powered tugger are particularly suitable for a numerous number of industry fields such as automotive, manufacturing, metal processing or mechanical engineering. Their powerful engine can move wheeled loads of up to 6000 kg with a maximum speed of 4,7 km/ hour.

    Some of the models are particularly designed to pull loads in a clean-room environment. Due to the wheels with closed surfaces, much less accumulation of impurities occurs and so the wheels do not leave off dirt over the floor. At the same time, these electric tugs are manufactured from durable high-grade stainless steel which prevents corrosion and guarantees a long term use. The frame is meticulousy polished to a smooth look, making the surface of the machine really easy to clean and maintain.

    Most of the vehicles can be equipped with an exchangeable battery system, enabling a quick replacement of an empty battery with a charged one.  Most of our electric tugs for heavy loads are used for application in which the carts already have a hook but they can be expanded with an optional lifting module to be used for carts without a hook.

    ArticleWeight (kg)Dimensions (mm)Engine power (kw)Traction capacity (kg)Speed (km/h)
    Electric tug T2500T2500244757 x 511 x 700-1278DC motor 24V, 600W2500Max. 4.7View product
    Electric tug T1500 Clean RoomT1500 Clean Room105771 x 511 x 1061DC motor 24V, 600W1500Max. 4,7View product
    Electric tug T1500T1500105876 x 483 x 750-1177DC motor 24V, 600W1500Max. 4,7View product
    Electric tug T1500 RVST1500 RVS138876 x 483 x 750-117724V, 600W1500Max. 4,7View product
    Electric tug T3500T3500310915 x 511 x 750-1269DC motor 24V, 600W3500Max. 4.7View product
    Electric tug T6000 Clean-roomT6000 Clean room310915 x 511 x 750-1269DC motor 24V, 600W3500Max. 4,7View product
    Electric tug T6000T60006901000 x 807 x 1267DC motor 24V, 1100W6000Max. 4,2View product
    Electric tug T2500 Clean RoomT2500 Clean Room1991147 x 513 x 1066DC motor 24V, 600W2500Max. 4.7View product
    Industrial electric tug for meat trolley MD1000-EuroBinMD1000-EuroBin1581162 x 775 x 775–113824V DC, 300W, 120 rpm1000Max. 4.5View product
    Electric tug T1500 DT1500 D1641232 x 486 x 750-1158DC motor 24V, 600W1500Max. 4,7View product
    Electric tug T1500 RZST1500 RZS1641239 x 534 x 1271DC motor 24V, 600W1500Max. 3.8View product
    Electric tug T2500 PT2500 P1541362 x 478 x 750-1053DC motor 24V, 600W2500Max. 3.8View product
    Stand-on and sit-on industrial vehicles

    Stand-on and sit-on industrial vehicles

    Our standing-on and sitting-on industrial vehicles are mainly used to transport loads (of up to 4000 kg) over longer distances. One of their main advantages is that they make staff very flexible and productive, optimizing and streamlining the internal work processes.

    These powerful electric tow tractors are easy to conduct and require no previous licence for the user. Optimum design ensures that the operator is always in an ergonomic and comfortable sitting or standing position while performing daily tasks. Consequently, the lack of physical effort in moving the goods reduces the work fatigue and increases the employees satisfaction.

    Most of the machines are provided with an exchangeable battery system that allows the user to easily remove the empty battery from the holder and insert a charged one. Furthermore, these industrial vehicles are easy to clean and require a minimum maintenance.

    The platforms and scooters are equipped with useful coupling mechanism or hook systems that allow them to pull almost every load on wheels. The vehicles are particularly useful in manufacturing sites, retail and distribution, as well as in e-commerce to move multiple loaded carts and trolleys at the same time. Besides Milk-run systems, the machines are equally suitable to move roll-containers, waste containers and E-frames.

    ArticleWeight (kg)Dimensions (mm)Engine power (kw)Traction capacity (kg)Speed (km/h)
    Electric tug T1000 PlatformT1000 Platform1111226 x 450 x 750-1261DC motor 24V, 420W1000Max. 6,6View product
    Electric tug T1000 Platform RVST1000 Platform RVS1251226 x 450 x 750-1261DC motor 24V, 420W1000Max. 6,6View product
    Electric tug T2500 ScooterT2500 Scooter3041237 x 511 x 1075DC motor 24V, 800W2500Max. 8View product
    Electric tug T3500 PlatformT3500 Platform4711400 x 691.5 x 137024V AC; 1700W 1:32; S23500Max. 13View product
    Electric tug T2500 PlatformT2500 Platform2951595 x 511 x 1336DC motor 24V, 800W2500Max. 8View product
    Electric tug BT4000BT40006801981 x 850 x 1279Motor 3000W, AC4000Max. 16View product
    AGV (automated guided vehicles)


    AGV (automated guided vehicles) are completely automated vehicles that move internally a large variety of goods by free navigation or following a mark on the floor. These are controlled by a software, where each route is programmed individually, and a single operator can track all the existing equipment by an interface.

    Our automated tuggers are capable of following an optical route completely autonomously and thus ensure faster and smoother operations in manufacturing and assembly sites. These also minimize risks and improve the safety of the employees, creating the premises of a dramatic reduction in manual handling inside industrial intra logistics. For some of the models, the coupling and decoupling of the trolleys is also automated, for ean increased efficiency.

    These automated industrial vehicles enable delivery of components and materials ‘just in time’, towing a wide variety of intralogistics milk-run systems, as well as industry carts, transport trolleys and roll containers. In addition, they can be incorporated into automated assembly lines.

    Our AGV line comprises uni-directional and bi-directional AGV with a stepless or variable speed of up to  4.7 km/h. Some of the models are equipped RFID tags reading function and can also automatically couple and decouple the trolleys that need to be moved. The range includes towing and under-ride equipment versions, the latter being able to carry themselves smaller trolleys or other wheeled load transport systems.

    All models are provided with various safety means, such as safety scanner which automatically stops the AGV when there are people or objects in the given radius of material handling tuggers. Because of a quick exchange AGM battery system, the batteries can be easily and quickly changed with minimum downtime.

    ArticleWeight (kg)Dimensions (mm)Engine power (kw)Traction capacity (kg)Speed (km/h)
    Electric tug AGV-BASICAGV-BASIC1201051 x 505Motor 300W, 24V DC1000Max. 3,6View product
    Electric tug AGV1000AGV10001501051 x 505300 W, 24 VDC, 100 rpm1000Max. 4,7View product
    Electric tug AGV2500AGV25003001209 x 505 x 32624V DC, 600W2500Max. 4,7View product
    Electric tug AGV1000 UnderRiderAGV1000 UnderRider1401726 x 505 x 220300 W, 24 VDC, 100 rpm1000Max. 3,4 View product

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Most of our industrial electric tuggers make use of the powerful and sustainable lithium batteries, which can convert material handling into a simple task. The batteries are exchangeable and thus offer more flexibility to the user and save important time. Recharging the interchangeable battery is quick and easy and, in just a few steps, it can be removed and replaced to finish the job.

These industrial vehicles are produced by Movexx International B.V., global leader in compact electric push-and-pull equipment across all major market segments. They are thoughtfully designed and hand-assembled in their own factory, using only high quality materials to guarantee excellence with every delivered machine.

These industrial powered movers are operated by a single person and require no physical effort for the goods movement, nor any previous training or license for the operator. The user has complete start/stop control and total maneuverability, as well as an optimum and responsible working posture due to the ergonomic design of the equipment. The work processes are significantly simplified and the operator saves important time and effort in fulfilling daily tasks.


Innovative and user-friendly at the same time, this range of industrial equipment brings numerous advantages for both the organisation and for the people that work inside.

Companies with high demands in terms of logistic processes can particulaly benefit from this versatile technology, which allows them to be highly satisfied about investing in quality and durable equipment for their business. The vehicles allow companies to improve their operational efficiency, optimize their processes and increase their profit by:

  • well-organized workflow
  • reduced manual handling
  • safer working practices
  • faster operations
  • decreased overall costs

For the people that work inside companies, electric tugs and pushers eliminate strenuous and inefficient manual movement of products and increase their convenience and safety. They offer them the possibility to rely on machines and thus work smarter and more productive.

Our industrial vehicles allow operators to:

  • move multiple carriers at a time
  • transport goods to multiple destinations
  • replenish products as they are used, eliminating the need to keep excessive stocks
  • transport with the same equipment differently sized and shaped loads

Other intended vehicles, like forklifts for example, can be dangerous and costly when moving loads in industrial environments. Our electric tugs can replace traditional forklifts when the latter are less suitable or less efficient for the job. At the same time, the electric powered tuggers make more effective use of the available space due to the compact design and enable staff to have unobstructed view when guiding them. Moreover, they do not generate exhaust emissions.

Our electric tugs and automated guided vehicles are used in manufacturing, processing and repair facilities, warehouses, retail and distribution, e-commerce. The first ones are extremely useful in hospitals, events and waste management as well.


Electric tugs increase safety, efficiency and productivity in the internal logistics of any company and organisation that has to constantly move goods and equipment. Designed for a numerous number of applications, these enable our customers to design and implement lean manufacturing and optimised material flow processes.



In every industry field, manufacturing and assembly performances are dictated by automation, precision and flexibility. Moving heavy or sensitive parts and equipment requires a great caution and physical strength from the employees. But manual handling is unsafe and exhausting and can cause delays in schedule. Our industrial electric tugs offer a stable traction position – regardless of the load – during the internal transport. They minimize the risks and improve the safety of employees while dramaticaly reducing manual handling.



Speed and cost efficiency are key factors when it comes to logistics in e-commerce, distribution, retail and wholesale trade. Loaded roll cages, picking trolleys and wheeled racks can be difficult to maneuver especially on uneven surfaces, around obstacles and on longer distances. With our electric tugs, wheeled loads can be safely and easily moved by a single person, enabling a well-organized flow, faster operations, safer working practices and less risks for the employees. Mobile electric tuggers can also be used to move at once long trains of shopping carts.

Food and Pharma


Food and Pharma sectors place high demands on logistic processes. The items and equipment – often heavy, high-value or sensitive – need to be moved without damage or contamination. Our electric tugs enable timely, safely and precisely movement of ingredients, finished products and machines. Containers, trolleys, mixing vessels, cooling racks or specific equipment can be handled by a single operator in an easy and efficient way.



In companies with high requirements for hygiene, we recommend the use of our Clean-room electric tugs. The vehicles are made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion and guarantee a long-term use. Produced with laser-welding technology and smooth surfaces, these are easy to clean while at the same time prevent the accumulation of dirt and bacteria.



For the hospitality sector, maintaining the usual daily schedule or organizing events requires a complex coordination of the entire logistics. Our motorised tuggers can ensure that everything is brought to the right place at the right time. Trolleys with food, drinks, floral arrangements or laundry can be moved in an professional manner, without physical strain from the employees.



In waste management, besides disposing, most of the challenges come from their handling. Manually moving the waste containers, which are often bulky or heavy, is a difficult task for the staff. Our electric tugs offer full control of the load and help operators to handle the waste in an easier manner. These protect their back and reduce the health risks, making them more content with their work conditions and stimulating them to become more productive. Waste containers can be moved either individually or connected in a row in the form of a train, for increased efficiency.



The healthcare sector imposes an increased attentin not only for the pacients, but also for the personnel. Their physical work needs to be relieved as much as possible so they can focus on the important problems of the job. Our tow tugs can optimize the logistic flow of the hospitals and care centers, by easily moving medical equipment, laundry trolleys or cleaning carts.

One of the vehicles is particularly developped for moving diffent types of hospital beds. Due to the compact design, the bed mover can be maneuvered in tight spaces such as small halls, hallways and lifts. It is also equipped, in standard, with a remote control wich, for example, allows the user to steer it from the front side of the bed while the tugger is pushing from the back.



Airports bring together a wide variety of goods that need to be moved and organised in a fast and efficient way. This is to prevent delays in the logistic flow and to make sure that the inner and outer spaces are optimally used and less overcrowded. Our electric tugs are indispensable means of moving the luggage carts or supplying the airport shops and restaurants. These vehicles decrease not only the operation time but also the number of needed working force. For example, the T1000 and T2500 platform machines can be equipped with a radio remote control which allows the work to be carried out with one instead of two or more employees. The construction and maintenace activities from the aerospace industry are also employing the industrial tow tugs to safely move large variety of items, including large components and small aircrafts.


Focus on people and planet are basic conditions for a sustainable business and our electric tugs are literally “green” not only in terms of overall look but also as overall impact on the environment.

The lithium battery technology is already standard for a large number of our machines and optional for few models. The main advantages are that the battery can be charged in between and also lasts at least twice as long the common batteries. Each battery is provided with a Battery Management System that protects it against a complete discharging and overcharging.

Moreover, our electric tugs eliminate the need for using forklifts or other fuelled equipment and thus reduce the exhaust emissisons into the atmosphere. The employees directly benefit from our industrial vehicles, as they do not have to inhale dangerous substances released by the provided equipment inside their work environment.