Electric tug AGV-BASIC

Product information

AGV (automated guided vehicles) are completely automated vehicles that move internally a large variety of goods by free navigation or following a mark on the floor. These are controlled by a software, where each route is programmed individually, and a single operator can track all the existing equipment by an interface.

Our automated tuggers are capable of following an optical route completely autonomously and thus ensure faster and smoother operations in manufacturing and assembly sites. These also minimize risks and improve the safety of the employees, creating the premises of a dramatic reduction in manual handling inside industrial intra logistics. For some of the models, the coupling and decoupling of the trolleys is also automated, for ean increased efficiency.


Technical specifications


External dimensions: (L x W) : 1051 x 505


Market segment : Industry, Retail & Distribution, Airports
Power : Motor 300W, 24V DC
Maximum pulling force : Up to 1000 kg.
Battery : Exchangeable 24 volt, 22 Ah
Maximum speed : 3,6 km/h, freely programmable
Tires : Full rubber ø250×80 mm
Weight : 120 kg

Product video