Tubular racks

Product information

Tubular racking systems are a great innovation in the concept of storage spaces and workstations. Fast assembly and unlimited configuration allow us to create customized systems to the smallest details to suit your specific activity. And once installed the racking system, you can reconfigure it at any time, adding and extracting elements or changing the arrangement of the existing ones.

Kanban or gravitational tubular racking systems benefits are mainly related to increased workstation ergonomics for your employees and to ensure a continuous supply of parts and components.

These types of racks are ideal to set up workstations in tight spaces and can be equipped with wheels for mobility.

For special applications, we can provide delivery and installation of these tubular racking systems also in ESD version.

Eurobox Logistics can deliver and install the racking systems and workstations, on demand, so you save time and start their operation immediately after delivery.

We can also provide separately, “in bulk”, the necessary components for configuring the racking tubular systems or elements cut to requested dimensions to be ready to assemble in a predetermined system.