Milkrun dollies

Milkrun dollies have gained prominence in production in many industries. They stand out for being adaptable. Products benefit from safe transports on pallets, in boxes, or containers. Their design implies efficiency and versatility. These dollies boast a strong loading capacity. As a result, goods move with ease and dependability.

A standout feature of the industrial carrier dolly is the inclusion of a unique coupling device. This device lets the dolly connect to a vehicle. It then becomes part of a larger tugged train system. Such systems are instrumental in streamlining the shipping process. Creating a consolidated product train cuts travel time. This results in quicker deliveries and streamlined logistics.

Eurobox Logistics offers a selection of milkrun dollies. These are tailored to meet diverse industry needs. Each design caters to specific applications and demands.

Transporting diverse goods is a primary need. This includes items in boxes, pallets, or pallet boxes. Advanced models support automated lifting. They offer access to picking mechanisms, as well. This leads to seamless operations.

ArticleBase (mm)Height (mm)Towing capacity (kg)Payload (kg)
  • Transport Dolly ICM 03

    Transport Dolly ICM 03

    Transport Dolly ICM 03 Transport Dolly ICM 03 1490 x 59516402000300 View product
  • Transport Dolly ICM 05

    Transport Dolly ICM 05

    Transport Dolly ICM 05 Transport Dolly ICM 05 1490 x 59516402000100-300 View product
  • Picking Dolly ICM 04

    Picking Dolly ICM 04

    Picking Dolly ICM 04 Picking Dolly ICM 04 1495 x 58016402000100 View product
  • Transport Dolly ICM 06

    Transport Dolly ICM 06

    Transport Dolly ICM 06 Transport Dolly ICM 06 1525 x 83016403000130-150 View product
  • Transport Dolly ICM 07

    Transport Dolly ICM 07

    Transport Dolly ICM 07 Transport Dolly ICM 07 1620 x 82017953000150 View product
  • Pallet Box Transport Dolly ICM 09

    Pallet Box Transport Dolly ICM 09

    Pallet Box Transport Dolly ICM 09 Pallet Box Transport Dolly ICM 09 1855 x 1267110630001000 View product
  • Automatic loading Dolly ICM 02

    Automatic loading Dolly ICM 02

    Automatic loading Dolly ICM 02 Automatic loading Dolly ICM 02 1900 x 12003204000500 View product
  • Pallet Box Transport Dolly ICM 08

    Pallet Box Transport Dolly ICM 08

    Pallet Box Transport Dolly ICM 08 Pallet Box Transport Dolly ICM 08 2025 x 905107030001000 View product
  • Lift electric Dolly ICM 01

    Lift electric Dolly ICM 01

    Lift electric Dolly ICM 01 Lift electric Dolly ICM 01 2150 x 1020212040001000 View product

The taxi-type dolly stands out due to its flexibility in loading. Designed to accommodate a myriad of goods, it supports diverse stacking positions. This dolly offers loading versatility. It provides access from both sides. This feature enhances its utility. Further, it integrates advanced features such as a hydraulic lift mechanism. The function eliminates manual lifting. It protects workers from strain and injury. The swivel casters in the design boost maneuverability. They grant the dolly complete movement freedom. The dolly navigates smoothly, whether it’s a straight path or curves.

Another variant, the pallet dolly, aligns with the EURO standard dimensions. It makes the logistics process more efficient, as well. When unloading pallets, these dollies can couple with manual equipment. This integration improves product handling flow. It reduces manual labour, boosting efficiency and production.

Highlighting the range’s versatility, hand dollies come equipped with a rotating platform. It lets one person move goods up to 600 kg with ease. The most notable aspect here is the absence of pneumatic and electrical equipment. The dolly’s design is well-thought-out. It manages large loads without extra machinery or tools. The hand dolly’s compact design makes it ideal for transiting short-distance goods. This dolly becomes essential in tight spaces or areas where motorized tools aren’t feasible.

Milkrun dollies offer diverse models and features. They have become essential tools in logistics and shipment. Moving various products requires specialized tools. Supply chain carts address this need efficiently. In addition, they save on storage space and prioritize operators’ safety. They cater to a wide range of requirements. Eurobox Logistics offers a diverse product range. It focuses on the needs of different industries. The solutions provided streamlined operations and boosted production. Moreover, they contribute to driving industry growth.

Advantages of Milkrun Dollies:


Versatility in Transit: Some dolly models can stack when not in use, conserving valuable storage space. This feature aids in ease of access for both loading and unloading. This adaptability benefits many sectors. Businesses can use them tailored to their unique needs.

High Loading Capacity: These dollies have a strong loading capacity. This design ensures secure and efficient transport of many goods.

Unique Coupling Device: The transport dollies come with a special coupling device. It allows them to attach to vehicles. This aspect aids in forming tugged train systems, shortening travel time. Faster shipment becomes achievable.

Space Efficiency: Some assembly line trolley models boast a stackable design. When not active, they can be piled up. Such stacking maximizes storage space, benefiting businesses with tight storage constraints.

Dual-Sided Access: Many dollies offer bidirectional access. It facilitates both loading and unloading. This design accelerates the logistics flow and improves efficiency in operations.

Advanced Features: Manual lifting becomes unnecessary with features like hydraulic lift mechanisms in specific models. This not only streamlines operations but also ensures the safety of operators.

Flexibility: Swivel casters in select models grant smooth movement in multiple directions. This enhances dolly agility. It ensures that navigating through tight spaces and curves becomes hassle-free.

Standardized Dimensions: Dollies, especially the pallet type, follow EURO standards. This simplifies logistics processes.

Integration with Manual Equipment: These dollies can connect with manual tools. This feature proves beneficial during pallet unloading. Such integrations optimize the flow of product handling.

Compact and Efficient Design: Hand dollies, with their rotating platforms, are perfect for environments with space constraints. They allow one operator to move heavy weights with ease. There’s no need for motorized tools with them.

Environmentally Conscious: These dollies optimize travel time. They cut the need for multiple vehicles. This way, they lower carbon emissions, promoting green logistics.

Material handling trolleys offer a range of advantages that cater to modern logistical challenges. Their design boasts advanced features. Businesses can streamline operations with them. They cut costs, as well. Plus, they guarantee safe and efficient goods transport.

In the cargo transit world, the milkrun dollies showcase innovation and efficiency. These transport tools are designed with care. They bring many benefits across sectors. Logistical processes get optimized. They guarantee the safe and swift movement of goods.

Automotive Industry:

Within production sites, the logistics dollies play a crucial role. They are perfect for moving automotive parts. From hefty engines to tiny sensors, these dollies handle each item with care. Transmissions, brakes, and other parts are transported safely from one spot to the next. Organization and security are ensured, making assembly processes smooth and efficient. The advantages include reduced handling time, minimized risk of damage, and enhanced workflow efficiency.


In the pharma industry, precision in handling is vital. Delicate items like vials or syringes need utmost care during transport. Eurobox transport dollies rise to this challenge. Temperature-sensitive medications benefit from the dollies’ consistent stability, as well. Risks of contamination are lowered, and product integrity remains intact throughout.


In agriculture, handling produce demands care. Bruising or spoilage can quickly occur. Fruits and vegetables are especially delicate. Milkrun dollies ensure their protection. Efficient transit is a crucial asset. Whether on farms or within distribution hubs, these dollies make the process seamless and safe. They provide a stable platform for crates. This reduces manual labor and maintains product quality.


Delicate electronic components and devices necessitate precise transport. For the electronics sector, careful handling is crucial. Circuit boards and computer parts are delicate. High-value electronics demand precision in movement. The freight movers ensure that sensitive electronic equipment remains safe and intact. Their shock-absorbing features and stability provide damage-free transport within production facilities.


Textile fabrication and distribution involve handling fabric, clothing, and linen rolls. Milkrun dollies simplify the movement of large and often heavy textile rolls. Their smooth-rolling wheels ensure easy movement. Coupled with optimal load stability, textiles remain in pristine condition. They reach their destinations with top-quality intact.

Food and Beverage:

Efficient and hygienic transport of food and beverage products is crucial to maintain quality and safety. Product transfer carts excel at transporting items such as bottled and packaged food crates. Within processing plants and distribution centers, they move perishable goods efficiently. Their design curtails contamination risks. In addition, they enhance overall production.


Transporting chemicals requires utmost precision and safety. The transport dollies cater to this need. They can adeptly handle chemical drums, containers, and barrels. Their robust construction ensures security. In addition, their fastening mechanisms reduce the risks of spills and accidents.


The retail sector relies on efficient supply chain management. The load carrier carts assist in moving retail products like electronics and apparel. They adapt to diverse cargo types. This way, products arrive at stores in their best condition.


The energy industry handles specialized equipment and parts that need careful transport. Milkrun dollies help transport items like solar panels, wind turbine parts, and electrical machines. Their stable and flexible design aids in the prompt setup of energy products.

Eurobox milkrun dollies offer versatility in transport. They cater to various industries, including automotive, pharma, agriculture, and electronics. These dollies improve logistics and workflow efficiency. They reduce the risk of product damage, as well. Eurobox Logistics is dedicated to innovation in transport. We ensure the safe, efficient movement of goods across numerous industries.