Electric tug T3500 Platform

Product information

Our standing-on and sitting-on industrial vehicles are mainly used to transport loads (of up to 4000 kg) over longer distances. One of their main advantages is that they make staff very flexible and productive, optimizing and streamlining the internal work processes.

These powerful electric tow tractors are easy to conduct and require no previous licence for the user. Optimum design ensures that the operator is always in an ergonomic and comfortable sitting or standing position while performing daily tasks. Consequently, the lack of physical effort in moving the goods reduces the work fatigue and increases the employees satisfaction.

SKU: T3500 Platform

Technical specifications


External dimensions: (L x W x H) : 1400 x 691.5 x 1370 mm


Market segment : Industry, Retail & Distribution, Hospitality & Events, Airports, Waste, Healthcare & Laundry
Power : 24V AC; 1700W 1:32; S2
Maximum pulling force : Up to 3500 kg.
Battery : build-in 24 Volt, 75 Ah
Maximum speed : 13 km/h (without load), 6 km/h (with load)
Tires : Full rubber ø300 x 90 mm
Weight : 471 kg

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