Electric tug T6000 Clean room

Product information

Wheeled heavy loads tend to swerve or be uncontrollable when maneuvered by operators who are using their body power. Our industrial vehicles for heavy loads enable users to safely transport the goods – even on inclined ramps or tight spaces – by only guiding them through the tiller arm or sometimes using an optional remote control. The ergonomic design guarantees the correct work posture by allowing the adjustment of the tiller to any body heigth.

In this way, the risks and costs of replacing damaged goods are being decreased while the work safety and efficiency is being considerably improved. Moreover, the number of needed employees is being reduced for the respective job.

SKU: T6000 Clean room

Technical specifications


External dimensions: (L x W x H) : 915 x 511 x 750-1269 mm


Power : DC motor 24V, 600W
Maximum pulling force : Up to 3500 kg.
Battery : Built-in, 10 Amp
Maximum speed : 4,7 km/h
Tires :Full rubber ø250×80 mm
Weight : 310 kg

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