Protection paper

Product information

Paper is one of the most important discoveries of mankind. We cannot imagine the society and the scientific and spiritual development without the existence of this versatile product. In the professional packaging field, paper is used in various ways: as exterior packaging, attractive decorated or as interior packaging for sensitive products protection.

The protection paper is a part of interior protection system range, applied in containers and boxes to fill the empty spaces and to protect against shocks the delicate, fragile, easy breakable products.

Made of recycled materials, the protection paper is easy to collect and recycled 100% percent, this being an advantage for the companies that wish to dispose the most amount of product waste. The protection paper is also a more economic variant compared to other goods protection systems, due to its lower price and characteristics: it is lightweight, annealing, can be inserted in the narrow spaces and can be reused for several times.

Choosing the protection paper manufactured by Eurobox Logistics, you make a small investment but with a great impact on improvement the packing process of dispatching products.