Large air cushions

Product information

The easiest way to protect the products loaded in the trucks is to eliminate the empty spaces between them. Logistics specialists searched a simple and innovative solution and the result was the large air cushions. These cushions, consisting of many layers (special hydrophobic paper on the exterior, plastic foil on the interior), are easy to inflate and take the empty spaces form between the loaded goods in the truck.

These goods can be palletised, packed in boxes or containers or can be of cable reels type, industrial equipment, automotive or even sensitive electronic equipment. Thus, the air cushions represent the easiest and versatile solution to stabilise any king of cargo, regardless the shape, dimensions and tare weight.

Our air cushions are available either as disposable or reusable variant. Besides these, we can offer as independent accessory also the pumps for a fast cushion inflation and deflation.

The large air cushions are available in a various range of dimensions to adapt to all applications. Thus, they can efficiently fill the empty spaces, eliminating the possibility of collision between them and, implicit, the damage of dispatched goods.