Air cushion or air bubbles foil

Product information

Air cushion or air bubbles foils are counted among the most efficient ways of protection the sensitive products during transport. We find them in dispatch boxes and parcels and at large scale, inside the containers and pallet boxes loaded with products. These foils are the simplest accessory that is used by the companies in the automotive, electronics and distribution industries, to minimize the percentage of damaged products during transport.

Eurobox Logistics offers air cushion or air bubbles foils of various dimensions and shapes, both suitable to eliminate the spaces between the boxes and to offer support to products that have to be transported in a fixed position. They also can be used to wrap the products and to avoid in this way the shocks, scratches and other damages that the products may suffer during transport.

Individual foils can have a different number of air cushion or air bubbles. In this way you can easily find the ideal model and dimension for packing your products.

Compared to other type of dividers and partition systems, these protection foils are lighter and occupy a lower space. Thus, with a minimum investment, you can decrease the losses caused by the scratched or broken products during transport and you will be able to use more efficient the dispatching space.