Polyurethane foam packaging

Product information

Polyurethane foam, also called PU foam, is a light, soft, flexible and breathable material. Due to its open cell structure and unrestricted air movement, it can be easily compressed and then naturally recovers to the original shape. These features create the premises of a good schock absorbing performance which is suitable for protecting and supporting smaller or less heavy items as well as products with a surface finish. Their lightweight attributes optimise the overall packing unit load and generate reduced shipping costs.

The wide range of available densities allows us to transform this foam into a large variety of PU packaging inserts, cushions and layers for industrial applications. Though these cannot be used for packing items with sharp edges, they can protect a wide variety of industrial goods, offering a safe handling, transport and storage for them. Each of our foam packaging is customised according to the needs and constrains of our clients in regards to their goods safety and their requirements for optimizing the overall packing unit. We can also combine foams with other materials from our range and we can design the complete packaging solution additionally consisting of standard or tailor made crates, pallets and pallet lids.

PU foam inlays offer the possibility to pack a high more products in the load carrier as well as in the loading unit, providing a rational storage. The custom cuts, such as grooves and notches executed according to the requirements of the application, allow the products to be protected from vibrations and scratches throughout the entire supply chain. This also allows the optimization of the number of products per packing unit as well as increased space-savings in storage and transport.

PU foam protective packaging allows a rapid arranging and handling of the items in internal logistics, as well as an easy movement between consecutive production processes. Inserts, intermediate layers, covers and dividers are all customised to acomodate and protect small components and can be placed inside containers and trays.

Convoluted foam, also known as egg box foam, is a specific packaging solution consisting of PU foam plates with regular and repetitive peaks and troughs. Used in pairs, with one layer at the top and the other at the bottom, the system encloses delicate and lightweight items and keeps them in position during handling and transport. The main advantage of the egg crate foam is that it can be used for different dimensioned products and there is no need to change the insert according to the packed product. Convoluted polyurethane foam inserts are commonly used to protect electronic parts, in which case we produce them from pink anti-static material. ESD PU foam can be furthermore converted into a wide tailor-made variety of foam packaging and cushioning to accomodate sensitive electronic parts, components, equipment and instruments.

For applications where the products are heavier and the packaging aspect is not very important, we can design rebound PU foam packaging.  Rebound foam is manufactured from PU scraps with different densities, which are chopped, blended with adhesive substances and pressed into a mould. The result is a heavier and dense material, with mosaic appearance, which can be transformed into a techincal packaging with advanced protection properties.