Polyurethane foam packaging – design possibilities and applications

Product information

Polyurethane (PU) foam packaging is light, soft, flexible and breathable. After compression, it rapidly returns to its original shape. The features create the premises of excellent shock-absorbing performance. PU foam protective packaging is suitable for securing and supporting small or less heavy products. Additionally, it can protect items with a surface finish.

The custom cuts, such as grooves and notches, protect the products from vibrations and scratches throughout the supply chain. They also optimize the number of products per packing unit and the packing unit weight. Additionally, they increase the space-savings in storage and transport.

The material can take the form of various PU packaging inserts, cushions and intermediate layers for industrial applications. Covers and dividers are all customized to accommodate and protect the components. The operators arrange them inside containers and trays. PU foam inlays provide rational storage. They offer the possibility to pack many products in the load carrier and loading unit.

Convoluted foam or egg box foam is a specific packaging solution consisting of PU foam plates with regular and repetitive peaks and troughs. Companies use it in pairs, with one layer at the top and the other at the bottom. The system encloses delicate and lightweight items. It keeps them in position during handling and transport. The main advantage of the egg crate foam is its use for different dimensioned products. So changing the insert according to the packed product is unnecessary. Convoluted polyurethane foam inserts commonly protect electronic parts. In this case, we produce them from pink antistatic material. They can accommodate sensitive electronic parts, components, equipment and instruments.

There are applications with heavier products where the packaging aspect could be less critical. In such cases, we can recommend rebound PU foam packaging. Rebound foam is manufactured from PU scraps with different densities. The result is a heavier and dense material with a mosaic appearance. This technical packaging offers advanced protection properties.