Nesco Double-stackable Box 37-6430-114

Product information

  • stacking arms;
  • smooth base;
  • solid walls;
  • also available without stacking arms and/or with attached lid variant;
  • can be delivered with reinforced base for an increased strength;
  • the 325 mm height variant can be manufactured, on demand;
  • the boxes can be stored one into another saving 80% storage space, when they are empty.

Technical specifications


External dimensions: 600 x 400 x 300 mm
Base internal dimensions: 510 x 330 mm
Top internal dimensions: 545 x 368 mm
Stacked height (one into another/ nest): 80 mm

Data sheet

FMC_19_Data sheet-Nesco-nestable-container-37-6430-114.pdf


Volume: 50.0 l
Weight: 2.3 kg; +/- 1% tolerance
Maximum stack weight*: 150 kg
Resistance to temperatures: between +80 and -20 °C
Material: PP
Color: blue