Expanded polyethylene foam packaging – design possibilities and applications

Product information

Expanded polyethylene (EPE) foam packaging stands out by firmness and shock-absorbing features. Also called PE foam packaging, it is suitable for products with greater robustness and lower fragility. Additionally, it is optimum for parts with corners and sharp edges. The material’s low weight and dense consistency offer a high load capacity. Such features provide significant economies throughout the entire supply chain.

EPE foam packaging is a recyclable solution which can contribute to a more sustainable industrial environment. We offer it extensively in automotive, electronics and most packaging applications. In these fields, durability, flexibility and repeated impact resistance are some of the base requirements. Electronic industry applications need ESD EPE foam packaging. The solution safely packs electronic components and devices.

We can convert EPE foam into various trays, inlays and compartments. EPE inserts and carved layers stand out for positioning and cushioning. They offer increased protection and transport stability for the packed goods. EPE foam inlays and trays are custom developed with cutouts that faithfully fit the products to be protected. They can guarantee a considerable number of use cycles in any industry field.

EPE foam packaging frames absorb the shocks and protect the items against damage during handling and shipping. The frames can be designed as one or several-piece items. One-piece versions can have specific extendable cutouts to adapt to parts of larger sizes. The several-piece frames join in particular settings from identical or different pieces that fit together. Due to their cutouts and hinges, companies can ship these packaging foam cushions flat (unmounted) to save space in transport.

EPE foam is also available as standard and tailor-made extruded profiles. The range includes C, L and U foam profiles and edge and corner protections. The standard profiles are available in various thicknesses and cut to your length requirements. We can also develop unique profiles based on each application’s details and restraints. Some of the profiles can have stretching features or V cuts. These characteristics make them adaptable to circular and angled products.