Cross-linked polyethylene foam packaging – design possibilities and applications

Product information

Cross-linked polyethylene foam packaging withstands high pressure. It offers increased stability for the protected parts. Thus, it is suitable for shock absorption applications. It is also resistant to wet or chemical substances and extreme temperatures. XPE foam packaging distinguishes by a smooth surface. This surface provides an attractive visual appearance. The result is the enhancement of the packed product presentation. Its material offers potential for reuse and, in the end, for recycling.

Due to its multi-purpose character, XPE foam packaging is widely used in many industrial fields. Our main focus is on the automotive and electronic industries. Typical applications emphasize protective and aesthetic aspects. We recommend our cross-linked PE foam packaging to secure sensitive and valuable goods. Such goods can include scratch-sensitive parts and items with surface treatment. The foam items may have limited or permanent conductive features. Other options include flame-retardant or self-extinguishing additives.

We offer you a large variety of packaging foam separators and inserts that ensure the proper support of the products. Car dials, grills, spoilers and windscreens are just a few of these products. They all are safely packed and shipped using our technical foam packaging. Moreover, companies can reuse these foam products if they treat them with care. Their life span extends as long as the packing unit is part of a sustainable logistic loop.

Our foam inlays are worked out with precise contour from the plank. The cut areas offer the proper protection and keep the items securely in place. XPE foam inserts separate and organize the components or subassemblies in one primary package. The package can be reused multiple times. The packing, transport, storage and unpacking of the goods are thus running quicker than similar processes using disposable packaging. Foam inserts and separators can also be welded on plates and trays made from rigid or aired plastic sheets. In this case, they look like small carved foam blocks. Their role is to touch and support the parts in only a few key points. In this way, the goods remain suspended and kept in place at a certain distance from each other.

Operators use many tools in automotive, electronics, aerospace and other manufacturing fields. And they must arrange all tools in a compact and easily accessible manner to enable smooth internal processes. With our shadowboard foam, employees can separately store them without using much space. Thus, the toolset foam provides order and a clear overview of the content. They also prevent sharper tools from touching each other and eliminate scratches and other damages. Tool foam inlays stay fixed inside cases, containers and drawers. Each item has its visible storage place. In this way, the operators do not have to look for them, saving significant time in daily activity. Foam tool inserts are designed in two-contrasting colours. The differently coloured layers allow operators to visually control the toolset and rapidly notice if any piece is missing.