Bekon Box 3-122

Product information

  • Smooth base;
  • Solid walls;
  • Can be stacked or nested, depending on stacking arms position;
  • Can be used in the food industry;
  • Stacked one into another, are achieved significant savings in the storage space;
  • It has a simple design, with rounded edges, to protect the products and to facilitate cleaning.

Technical specifications


External dimensions: 745 x 455 x 145 mm
Base internal dimensions: 615 x 335 mm
Top internal dimensions: 655 x 395 mm
Usable internal height: 140 mm
Height in stack (one above the other): 125 mm
Stacked height (one into another/ nest): 40 mm

Data sheet

FMC_19_Data sheet-Bekon-box-3-122.pdf


Volume: 30.0 l
Weight: 2.0 kg; +/- 2% tolerance
Maximum stack weight capacity *: 50 kg
Resistance to temperatures: between +60 and -20 °C
Material: HDPE/PP
Color: grey