Attached lid box 43-6431-2

Product information

  • Smooth base;
  • Solid walls;
  • Attached hinged lid;
  • Ensures maximum protection of the contents due to the attached lid that allows seals application;
  • Hinge resistance ensures an intensive use without the risk of lid detachment and loss;
  • Represents a standard distribution, but can also be used in production and picking areas ;
  • It can be used on any conveyor belt system.

Technical specifications


External dimensions: 600 x 400 x 310 mm
Base internal dimensions: 516 x 351 mm
Top internal dimensions: 548 x 371 mm
Usable internal height: 307 mm
Stacking height: 296 mm
Stacked height: 110 mm

Data sheet

FMC_19_Data sheet-Attached-lid-box-43-6431-2.pdf


Volume: 56.0 l
Weight: 3.1 kg; +/-2 % tolerance
Static load: 20 kg
Maximum stack weight*: 350 kg
Resistance to temperatures: between +40 and -20 °C
Material: PP
Color: blue