Stackable plastic container VDA ESD RL-KLT 6047

Product information

  • flat base to allow the use in the automatic manufacturing systems with conveyor belt;
  • integrated closed handles to facilitate manually lifting and moving of the container;
  • integrated label holder for easy identification of the content;
  • standard used in German automotive industry;
  • complies with VDA 4500 regulation;
  • solid construction lends itself to intense manipulation of a long period of time;
  • ideal for transportation and storage of the components and automotive parts from delivery to the assembly line.

Technical specifications


External dimensions: 600 x 400 x 147 mm
Internal dimensions: 544 x 359 x 129.5 mm
Usable internal height: 129 mm

Data sheet



Volume: 25.2 l
Weight: 1.8 kg; +/-1% tolerance
Static load: 20 kg
Maximum stack weight*: 600 kg
Resistance to temperatures: between +60 and -20 °C
Material: ESD
Color: Black