ESD boxes

Boxes and containers for electronic parts transport are made of materials with current properties of conductivity between >10 and < 1011 ohms.

These boxes are produced to meet the standards in force and are available in a range of standard dimensions to be easily grouped on pallets and to effectively use the space in the truck.

    Containers RAKO ESD

    ESD RAKO containers

    Like the standard version of RAKO boxes, the ESD are stackable and are available in a full range of dimensions, from the smallest to spacious containers dedicated to large parts or to a great number of products.

    Base dimensions are: 300×200 mm, 400×300 mm, 600×400 mm and 800 x 600 mm.

    Containers RAKO ESD are available in combinations with various types of base, walls and handles.

    ArticleBase (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)
    ESD Rako Container 3-206Z-0 EL3-206Z-0 EL300 x 2001170,4View product
    ESD Rako Container 3-211Z-0 EL3-211Z-0 EL400 x 300650,6View product
    ESD Rako Container 3-203Z-0 EL3-203Z-0 EL400 x 3001170,9View product
    ESD Rako Container 3-207Z-0 EL3-207Z-0 EL400 x 3001701,1View product
    ESD Rako Container 3-204Z-0 EL3-204Z-0 EL400 x 3002201,5View product
    ESD Rako Container 3-212Z-0 EL3-212Z-0 EL400 x 3002701,5View product
    ESD Rako Container 3-205Z-0 EL3-205Z-0 EL400 x 3003231,8View product
    ESD Rako Container 3-200Z-0 EL3-200Z-0 EL600 x 4001171,9View product
    ESD Rako Container 3-6413N-186 EL3-6413N-186 EL600 x 4001472View product
    ESD Rako Container 3-208Z-0 EL3-208Z-0 EL600 x 4001702,2View product
    ESD Rako Container 3-201Z-0 EL3-201Z-0 EL600 x 4002202,4View product
    ESD Rako Container 3-6426N-1 EL3-6426N-1 EL600 x 4002782,9View product
    ESD Rako Container 3-202Z-0 EL3-202Z-0 EL600 x 4003233View product
    ESD Rako Container 3-209Z-0 EL3-209Z-0 EL600 x 4004254,6View product
    ESD Container for trays 36-201-TK EL

    ESD trays containers

    Containers of this range are necessary to protect the electronics parts placed in trays during transport.

    These are versatile products, they can be mounted in several types of trays with different depths to ensure optimal packaging conditions for sensitive electronic components.

    ESD trays containers are available in standard dimensions and with or without front access door variant.

    Eurobox Logistics can provide, on demand, also sets of trays adapted for insertion into these ESD containers.

    ArticleBase (mm)
    ESD Container for trays 36-201-TK EL36-201-TK EL600 x 400 x 220View product
    Container/box VDA-KLT-ESD

    ESD VDA-KLT containers

    VDA-KLT is a variety of transport containers, standardized according to German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA – Verband der Automobilindustrie). Cars producers and their suppliers are using these crates for parts and components handling, within the assembly processes.

    Due to its compatibility with the automated production lines, the use of VDA-KLT containers has been expanded also to other industrial segments. Among these ones, electronic industry is imposing the highest level of demands, because of the products sensitivity to electrostatic discharges.

    ESD (Electrostatic Sensitive Device) components – specific to this field – have determined the production of a packaging range with similar abbreviation (ESD – Electrostatic discharge) and with electrically conductive or dissipative features.

    Our ESD VDA-KLT packages are securing the electronic components during handling, transport and storing. These can be provided with lids or numerous customized inserts, for a maximum protection of the content.

    ArticleBase (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)
    Stackable plastic container VDA-ESD-RL-KLT 31473147300 x 2001470.57View product
    Stackable plastic container VDA-ESD-R-KLT 31153115300 x 2001470.57View product
    Stackable plastic container VDA ESD RL-KLT 40474047400 x 3001471.08View product
    Stackable plastic container VDA ESD R-KLT 41154115400 x 3001471.29View product
    Stackable plastic container VDA ESD RL-KLT 40804080400 x 3002801.7View product
    Stackable plastic container VDA ESD R-KLT 41294129400 x 3002801.85View product
    Stackable plastic container VDA ESD RL-KLT 60476047600 x 4001471.82View product
    Stackable plastic container VDA ESD R-KLT 61156115600 x 4001472.1View product
    Stackable plastic container VDA ESD RL-KLT 60806080600 x 4002802.67View product
    Stackable plastic container VDA-ESD-R-KLT 61296129600 x 4002802.97View product
    Stackable plastic container VDA ESD RL-KLT 8210 G8210800 x 6002104.52View product
    Stackable plastic container VDA ESD KLT 12415124151200 x 4001474.32View product
    Containers RAKO ESD

    ESD with handle boxes

    Every craftsman needs a strong and well organized toolbox. Fitted with handles and hinged lid, our toolboxes are ergonomic and easy to carry.

    Large enough to contain the necessary for daily work, the boxes in this range are made of ESD material to provide protection to the sensitive electronic instruments and components.

    ESD handle boxes are available in standard dimensions for an efficient handling: 300×200 mm, 400×300 mm and 600×400 mm. Single or double in height, they offer the possibility of foam inserts mounting for a better content protection.

    ArticleBase (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)
    ESD Handle Box 35-206-7 EL35-206-7 EL300 x 2001320,5View product
    ESD Handle Box 35-203-7 EL35-203-7 EL400 x 3001321,3View product
    ESD Handle Box 35-211 EL35-211 EL400 x 300810,8View product
    ESD Handle Box 35-207-7 EL35-207-7 EL400 x 3001841,6View product
    ESD Handle Box 35-204-7 EL35-204-7 EL400 x 3002351,9View product
    ESD Handle Box 35-212-7 EL35-212-7 EL400 x 3002872,1View product
    ESD Handle Box 35-205-7 EL35-205-7 EL400 x 3003382,2View product
    ESD Handle Box 35-200-7 EL35-200-7 EL600 x 4001322,5View product
    ESD Handle Box 35-208-7 EL35-208-7 EL600 x 4001843View product
    ESD Handle Box 35-201-7 EL35-201-7 EL600 x 4002353,1View product
    ESD Handle Box 35-6426-7 EL35-6426-7 EL600 x 4002932,9View product
    Storage box ESD - Silafix

    Storage box ESD - Silafix

    The storage boxes made of ESD material are the practical and ergonomic storage way of keeping the parts and small electronic components.

    These boxes help organizing the workstations in factories where electronic parts are assembled into various components or instruments. The specific design with front opening, was created to facilitate the integration into rack systems.

    On demand, Eurobox Logistics can provide label holders or different divider models to divide as efficiently as can be the storage boxes space. These dividers are, in turn, made of ESD material to not compromise the integrity of the stored electronic parts.

    With the help of our ESD storage boxes, your employees will become more productive, having in handy all the components they need, organized in an orderly manner.

    ArticleBase (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)
    Silafix Storage Box 3-367 EL3-367 EL90/75 x 102540,05View product
    Silafix Storage Box 3-366N-0 EL3-366N-0 EL170/145 x 102780,13View product
    Silafix Storage Box 3-365N-0 EL3-365N-0 EL230/200 x 1471320,35View product
    Silafix Storage Box 3-364 EL3-364 EL350/300 x 2101450,7View product
    Silafix Storage Box 3-363 EL3-363 EL350/300 x 2102000,9View product
    Silafix Storage Box 3-360 EL3-360 EL500/450 x 3102001,6View product