Corrugated plastic boxes

Product information

Corrugated plastic is an extruded plastic material that resembles corrugated paper in appearance. The upper and lower surface, flat and smooth, are joined by middle fluted ribs that make the material strong, light and flexible at the same time. It can be manufactured from Polypropylene using prime or recycled grade material in different percentage.

Cellular plastic offers an optimum balance between product quality and competitive price in all fields of activity, due to the advanced customisation degree. By the help of different additives, it can be prepared for printing, for UV-rays protection, as well as for fire retardancy and static electricity dissipation. Fabric or foam lamination is also possible to achieve anti-slip features and an increased protection degree.

Corrugated plastic is avaible in primary PP sheets that can be cut to measures and used for layering and separating different goods on a pallet. Other transposition include display shelves and cases, but most often we transform these sheets into final reusable corrugated plastic packaging such as containers, separators and boxes.

Comparison to other materials that are used in packaging

The packaging solutions, tailor-made from cellular polypropylene sheets, are particularly suitable for goods with less typical shapes and dimensions. These can accomodate light and long or bulky products that exceed the standard packaging dimmensions which are used nowadays for handling and shiping in Europe and overseas. This type of packaging is usefull for smaller items with irregular shapes as well, becouse it can be constructed to accomodate the individual item itself or several such products in the same pack, separated by tailor-made dividers.

The fluted polypropylene boxes, together with a wide range of partitions and accessories, are a more cost-efficient alternative to reusable molded plastic boxes as well as to containers that are manufactured from wood and metal. The lightweight structure – yet rigid and durable – enables even more savings in terms of transport costs and storage space. Furthermore, the operators will find them much easier to be handled and less difficult to be cleaned.

Compared to corrugated cardboard, which are often used as a disposable packaging solution, corrugated plastic boxes bring following advantages:

  • Tear and puncture-resistance as well as good impact strength, protecting the inner packed items from damages
  • Durability, as corrugated plastic packaging can be used for many years
  • Resistance to external factors at regular temperatures such as moisture, mildew, chemical and oily substances
  • Cleanliness, as the surfaces are easy to be wiped and maintained clean
  • Cost effectiveness, due to the advanced reusability degree

Converting possibilities

As a plastic box manufacturer and corrugated plastic converter, we can design completely customizable boxes for the specific requirements of our clients. Our in-house technology enables us to cut, crease and weld polypropylene flat sheets and then assemble them into finish packaging products with specific features.

We can customize the Akylux boxes in terms of:

  • Size
  • Material thickness
  • Material density
  • Preferred colors
  • Printing options
  • Labels
  • Design

The design of the boxes is thought out meeting the unique requirements of each application and include – for most of our projects – a meticulous manual labor. The boxes can be provided with lids, carvings, injected handles, rivets, stacking profiles and corners as well as additional reinforcements. All these can optimize the load capacity, the inner goods protection, the quantity of parts per package and the overall maneuverability. The edges can be either left open or can be sealed depending on customer’s needs.

For storage and transport efficiency, we can developp collapsible corrugated plastic boxes. These are joined in only few points to enable the operator to easily mount the boxes for use as well as to fold them down when they need to be stored or shipped flat on return.


Most of our corrugated plastic crates are developped for automotive and electronic industries, but we have created packaging solutions for companies from across all fields and industries. These are all used for organizing and protecting the goods in storage, transport and handling inside manufacturing sites and distribution centers.

In the automotive sector, the car components and parts require complex and innovative technical packaging. These need to be robust enough to protect the content but not very heavy so the operators can handle them quickly and easily. Alveoplast corrugated plastic boxes are light and strong at the same time, allowing an optimum maneuvrability inside the supply chain.

For sensitive electronic parts and components, the corrugated plastic boxes can made from materials that are provided with electrical conductivity, anti-static or electrostatic discharge features. These prevent the accumulation of electrostatic charges and potential damages, allowing companies to safely store and shipp their products to destination.

In general manufacturing sites, these boxes can be used for moving the parts between the production and assembly lines and even to dispatch them. For heavier items, we can use different renforcing components to increase the lifespan of the crates and thus the inners goods protection.

In pharmaceuticals and cosmetics fields, the boxes can be employed as secondary packaging. The main advantage is that the boxes can be sterilised at high temperatures and thus maintain the hygiene requirements.

Corrugated plastic boxes are an economic and reliable packaging solution for courier companies as well. These can be used to sort envelopes and small packages, as well as to distribute them to the subsidiary centers and even to end recipients.

In clothing industry, the corrugated plastic boxes bear the clear advantage of protecting the goods – semi-finished and finished products – against water and other liquid substances that can lead to irreparable damages on the goods.

Agriculture and retail, as well as food and beverage industries can also benefit from the corrugated plastic boxes. Besides the advantages in terms of product protection and cost savings, this packaging solution offers the possibility to enhance the brand image and shelf exposure. Due to the ink adhesion treatment, the material allows printing a wide variety of advertising images and text in multiple colors.

For each of the above applications, we can also offer partitions and dunnage that enables our customers to increase the number of products per package and to decrease the use of suplimentary packing materials.

Sustainable packaging

We promote reusable boxes as a part of the common effort to reduce the negative influence on the environment. By all means, we strive to extend the life span of our products through quality and durable materials that enable our customers to reuse them many times.

Alveolar plastic boxes are a viable alternative to one-way packaging. Compared to cardboard packaging – which can be used few times the most – these can be reused up to hundreds of cycles if treated with care. Moreover, the production of the corrugated polypropylene has a lower impact on the planet, compared to other plastic compounds,  and it is also harmless for human being as it does not release toxical substances while the end products are being used.

When the corrugated plastic boxes are damaged and really need to be replaced, they can be 100% recycled and thus become a resource that can be transformed and given a new life. Each such material is too valuable to be wasted and can become a small but significant part inside the overall industry mechanism.