VCI corrosion-resistant material

Product information

The products made of metal need a special protection during transport to avoid the occurrence of rust by corrosion. It is especially about the automotive parts, components for different industrial installations and other metallic objects which will compose some complex assemblies. To protect all these products, Eurobox Logistics offers you VCI corrosion-resistant materials.

Available as special paper or foil, VCI materials operate on the principle of corrosion-resistant particles release, which are fixed on metallic packed surfaces and protect them during the entire transport time, even in humid conditions. Once the materials are unpacked, these particles evaporate into the atmosphere. They are neither dangerous to humans, nor to the environment and the corrosion-resistant materials are 100% recyclable.

VCI corrosion-resistant materials are suitable to metallic or steel products of any shape and dimensions. To receive a customized offer, please contact our specialists using the form in the contact page.