Thermoformed blisters trays

Product information

Thermoformed trays and blisters allow each item to be kept in its own precisely-shaped nest. The packing solution prevents the products from touching each other or any potentially damaging surfaces. Operators arrange the trays and blisters in larger returnable packaging such as VDA-KLTs. The applications may include other reusable injected containers or even cardboard boxes. The containers are shipped enclosed between a pallet and a pallet lid. The resulting packing unit offers maximum stability and protection of the goods during handling, storing and shipping.

Multiple layers of products generate a high number of products per packing unit. The gained volume translates into substantial savings in storage and transport. By placing a larger quantity of parts in the same packing unit, the beneficiary also saves unused space, which can sometimes occur with standard packaging. Furthermore, the workspace remains clean and tidy. This is because additional fixing or protecting elements – such as paper or foam – are not required to pack the items individually.

The thermoformed trays for transport additionally keep the shipping products clean. In the case of other individual packaging methods (cardboard, paper), the generated waste can affect the overall appearance of the delivered goods. Also, tiny scraps of material can get into the packed parts or components. Thermoformed trays give products a professional, neat appearance without affecting the content. The trays can also be washed whenever necessary over time.