Storage systems

The storage systems are extremely useful in any company and they are an efficient option for using intelligently the available space.

Adding a few simple accessories such as protection, labelling or signalling systems, racking systems become safer for both the employees and products stored.

Eurobox Logistics provides you configured racking systems, on demand, perfectly tailored to storage spaces within your company.

Depending on the logistic flow and the stored type of goods, on organizational and operational needs, we offer you the following storage systems:

  • Pallet metallic racks

    Pallet metallic racks

    Pallet racks are made according to the latest standards in durability RG 614 and FEM. Up to 15 m high and with a capacity up to 4 tonnes per pallet, these racking systems are the ideal solution to save space and store the products safely and effectively.

  • Mobile racks

    Mobile racks

    Mobile racks are recommended to use efficiently the available space. The actual space occupied by products increases by 80%. These racks also allow the implementation of a rigorous FIFO system of goods management and create an ergonomic working environment that increases the productivity and employees’ efficiency.

  • Drive-in racks

    Drive-in racks

    Drive-in racks help you to maximum exploit the storage space in depth. This storage system works on the FILO (first in, last out) principle. The products that are the best suitable for these racking systems are bulk goods of the same type. The system enables the extraction of the nearest products of the open side of the rack.

  • Shelf racks

    Shelf racks

    Ideal for the bulk goods storage, the self-racks are extremely versatile in configuration and have a simple structure. Eurobox Logistics configures these racking systems, on demand, taking into account the weight capacity of each rack. We will recommend the most safe and effective customization solutions that include additional stoppers and reinforcements.

  • Racks protection systems

    Racks protection systems

    The protection systems for racks serve to increase the rack system stability and to be highly visible to prevent accidents during cargo handling and forklift operation. Protective armours, for example, are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) and can absorb impacts of up to 2.4 tonnes.

  • Storage box racks

    Storage box racks

    Silafix standardized storage boxes provide quick access to product and can be stored in an organized and ergonomic manner using special racking systems created for them. The components of these types of racks are made of galvanized steel sheet and have a minimal structure, but provide the necessary support for storage boxes.