Frames with interchangeable inserts

Product information

For companies that regularly use specific tray dimensions, thermoformed frames with interchangeable inserts can be highly beneficial. These are stackable component holders. They combine an existing standardized frame with an individually fitted base insert for the intended products. The frame is distinguished by its special contour. This contour allows precise positioning. The purpose is to deploy the thermoformed component holders on automatic conveyor systems as well. The frame is reused as often as required and for any compatible inserts.

The manufacturing industry has used robotic processes for decades when assembling, testing, handling or packing components. For highly automated production and warehousing environments, we can design thermoformed trays with various openings. Additionally, their frames can be optimized for gripper arms.

We can provide all trays with various cavities that allow access for the operator’s fingers to remove the parts. Recesses or handle slots further facilitate manual handling and tray removal from the container. Bevelled or differently designed corners ensure anti-twist protection. Optionally, cutouts and TPU coatings can protect very sensitive parts. Angled frames provide water-repellant features. Oil-resistant materials are also available.