ESD containers lids

Electronic components are some of the most sensitive products that one industrial crate could accommodate. Besides the miniature constituent parts that can easily be damaged by mechanical pressures, the entire ensemble is susceptible of electrostatic discharges.

When using our electrically conductive or dissipative crates together with their matching lids, electronic parts and components are being protected both from electrostatic discharge and any form of contamination.

Our ESD logistics solutions range comprise ESD lids that are durably fixing on stackable containers with the available bases of 300×200 mm, 400×300 mm and 600×400 mm.

    ESD RAKO containers lids for plastic boxes or crates

    ESD RAKO containers lids

    Electronic parts and components are optimally protected against storage and transport damage and contamination with ESD RAKO lids.

    The range comprises both loose and hinged lids, for specific applications.

    ArticleDimensions (mm)
    ESD RAKO hinged lid 3-215Z-1-11 EL for ESD RAKO containers/boxes/crates3-215Z-1-11 EL300 x 200 View product
    ESD RAKO hinged lid 3-214Z-1-11 EL for ESD RAKO containers/boxes/crates3-214Z-1-11 EL400 x 300View product
    ESD RAKO loose lid 3-213Z-0 EL for ESD RAKO containers/boxes/crates3-213Z-0 EL600 x 400 View product
    ESD RAKO hinged lid 3-213Z-1-11 EL for RAKO ESD containers/boxes/crates3-213Z-1-11 EL600 x 400View product